WiscWeb CMS - Disconnecting a Page

This document explains how to to disconnect children pages and bloacks from their parent page.

  1. Go to a page that has a child page that you want to remove and notice the subpages listed in the black Page Info menu at the top.

    the page to remove
  2. To remove one of these pages, click the Open Page red dot.

    open page red dot
  3. Opening up the Page Info menu again, click the red dot next to the Sub Pages to edit the List.

    page info

    A new window appears.

  4. Click to Remove Items from List.

    remove items
  5. The following window lists the children pages that exist. Check the pages that you would like to remove as children of the current webpage, and click OK.

    checked pages

    The checked pages are no longer children of the webpage, though they still exist within the CMS.

If you wanted to search for and reconnect these pages to the webpage, you could do so using the method of adding a subpage described in WiscWeb CMS - Using Existing Content on a Page. However, also see the Note: Potential Problems Restoring Entire Pages in the CMS below.

Note that if other pages on the website had the child connected to them, it would remain connected to them.

How to Disconnect Blocks

In the above example, we removed children webpages from their parent. If we wanted to remove blocks from a page, the process is similar, except that instead of modifying the list of Subpages in the Page Info menu, you would do the following:

  1. Click the Open Page red dot.

    open page red dot
  2. Click the red dot in one of the body section's columns to add/remove/sort the blocks within that column.

    disconnecting a block
  3. Follow steps 4 and 5 of the above How To in order to remove a block within the column.

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