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This document walks you through the process of making job changes in JEMS.

Procedure At–a–Glance

Category: Academic Staff, Faculty, Limited Appointees, Student Assistants, Post Degree Training Position
Audience: Department and Division staff who request changes to a position and Job Data
Overarching Process:
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General Description:

This document covers how to complete and review a Job Change Request in JEMS. JEMS Job Change Requests feature is an optional tool that may be utilized by decentralized divisions. Please refer to your division to find out if your division will utilize this tool.

Procedure Steps

This document covers the steps for how to:

The JEMS Main Menu

JEMS New Hire or Job Change page

From the JEMS Main Menu, the following functions are available:

Job Change Request
Click the Job Change Request button to start a new Job/Employee Change request.
My Job Change Basket
Click the My Job/Employee Change Basket button to see the employee Job Change records requiring your attention.
Exit System
Exit out of the System.

Find Person/Job Tab

If you click on Job Change Request the below screen will appear.

JEMS Job Change page

1. Enter one or more of the following in order to locate the person appointment information into JEMS Change:
  • Empl ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
2. Click the Search button to get the search result and select the employee.

3. Check the select box of the appointment you need to change.

4. Click the Modify Job button.


  • The Add/Modify Changes tab will appear. From here Click either the magnifying glass or Click the Add Change button to add a change type.


  1. A popup window will appear; Select the appropriate change(s) from the drop down list.
  2. Click OK.


  1. Enter the Effective Date in which the change is being requested.
  2. Click the Add Change button if requesting multiple changes
  3. Enter in appropriate justification/explanation for the change into the Justification field. These justifications are created by staff that are authorized for the department or division.  Only users with the proper UDDS authorization are able to view the Justification section.

Add/Modify Change(s) Tab


If multiple changes have been requested, change details will need to entered for each change type. Click on each line to highlight it before following the below steps.

  1. Click the Change Details button to bring up the "Propose Change to Job Data" screen.
  2. On the “Propose Change to Job Data" screen, click the magnifying glass button on the Action Reason line and select the appropriate reason (some change types will not have a reason available, leave these blank).
  3. Complete the change detail section by clicking on the magnifying glass and choosing the appropriate option.
  4. Click the Save/Close button.
The changes that are requested will automatically populate onto the Position and Job Tabs. These tabs are not modifiable, if a correction needs to be made before submitting the Job Change request, these changes must be made on the Add/Modify Change(s) tab.

  HR Contact Tab


This tab stores information about one or more people who may be contacted about the appointment (multiple additional contacts can be added).

  1. Click the Add Contact button to be able to modify the "Detail for Selected Contact" section.
  2. Fill in the information for the contact and Click Done.
  3. Click the Add Contact button to add another contact.
  • For a paid position, one Primary and one Funding contact are required.
  • For a zero dollar position a funding contact is not required. 
Here are more details about this screen:

 Field Description
Contact Type

Primary Contact: The primary person to be contacted regarding the appointment is required.
Additional Contact: Name of an additional contact (optional). Examples of people you could add as additional contact include a funding or benefit contact (changes may affect funding or benefits).

Last Name
Last name
First Name
First name
 Address Address is not a required field.
Phone* Area code defaults to 608. Manually enter the phone number, including a dash between the third and the fourth number e.g. 263–2511.
 Email Address
Email address of the Primary Contact is required.

  Comments Tab


  • This tab is for comments associated with the individual change request. These comments are created by staff who are authorized for hire. Only users with the proper UDDS authorization are able to access this tab. Those who have access to the tab can view all comments.
  • Also listed on this tab are reports from the HRS Processing Log.
  • Existing comments are displayed in order by Create Date with the most recent Comment on top.
Details on Adding Comments:

How to:
Create a Comment 
Click the Add Comment button and type the comment into the detail box.
Update a Comment
Place the cursor on the Comment record you wish to change in the first half of the screen (the background color of the record will be dark red) and click the Edit/View button.
Delete a Comment
place the cursor on the Comment record you wish to change in the first half of the screen (the background color of the record will be dark red) and click the Delete Comment button.

Only the person who created the comment may update or delete that comment.

Status History Tab


The data on this tab is not modifiable. It displays the history of statuses that a particular change has had. Anyone with update or view access can view the status history of the appointment. The statuses are displayed with the most recent status on the top line by status effective date (MM/DD/YYYY).

Possible Statuses:
  • Draft
  • Entered
  • Department Approved
  • Division Approved – Sent to HRS
  • Finished – Entered In HRS

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