Help Desk LiveChat - What to Expect

This document provides a walkthrough of the DoIT Help Desk LiveChat service from a customer perspective. To initiate a chat with the Help Desk, click on the LiveChat button in the following KnowledgeBase document: Chat with an Agent!

  1. When you start a new LiveChat session, you will first be prompted for basic contact information. Because the DoIT Help Desk is only able to provide support for UW faculty, staff, and students, this information will be used to verify your affiliation.

    • We recommend entering your full first and last name as well as your university email address, as this will allow Help Desk agents to more quickly verify this information and enter it where necessary.

    In addition, use the Regarding dropdown menu to select the service category that seems most related to your issue.

  2. In the Question field, enter a concise description of the question or problem you would like help with. If you are getting an error message when using a particular application, be sure to include the application name as well as the exact message you are receiving. In many cases, we may be ready with the answer you need just by reading your question!

    When you are ready, click the Start Chat button to connect to an agent.

  3. You will then be taken to a chat queue screen. Here you will see information regarding your position in the queue along with an estimated wait time. Please note that this is an estimate and that your wait time may be shorter or longer than what is listed. The total wait time depends on how many agents are available to take chats, how many chats they are currently handling, and how long those current chats take.
    • Note: Please do not leave your computer for any extended period of time while your chat is routing. If you are connected with an agent and do not respond within a few minutes, they may need to disconnect from your chat in order to help other customers in the queue.

    If the wait is too long, or if you simply need to leave before connecting from an agent, you can click the leave a message link.

    You will be placed in the queue until you can connect with an agent
  4. As soon as an agent is available to chat with you, you will enter a conversation. At this point, the Help Desk agent will verify your affiliation using the information you supplied in the form. Once this is complete, they will begin working to answer your question or resolve your issue.

    • As shown below, you will see a small message in the lower left-hand corner when an agent is in the process of composing a response:


  5. Some services and departments are eligible for support from our Enterprise Application Support Team (Help Desk Level 2). If you contact us regarding an issue that is supported by Help Desk Level 2, the Help Desk agent you are first connected with will need to transfer you to another agent.

    The agent will contact a Help Desk Level 2 agent and request they join the chat; when they do, you will see a message saying that they have joined the conversation. At this point, the first agent will leave the chat.

  6. When you have finished your conversation, you can click the exit button in the upper right-hand corner..

  7. If you attempt to chat when the chat service is unavailable (between 10pm and 8am CST) or if you need to leave prior to being connected with an agent, you will have the option of leaving a message for the Help Desk. This form will generate an email that will be sent to Emails are responded to within one business day.

    Again, we strongly recommend entering your full first and last name as well as your UW email address here, as this will allow us to respond to your question without needing to send additional emails to verify your identity. Since this will become an email, feel free to describe your problem in as much detail as necessary. Additionally, you can request a phone call rather than an email reply; simply let us know and provide your preferred contact number.

    Leave a message and your contact information

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