Mainframe - Accessing the PA1 key in QWS3270

Various function keys are necessary within IMS. This describes using the PA-1 (PA1) key or remapping it if desired. The QWS3270 Secure client has a powerful key remapping facility.

The PA1 key may be used in some mainframe transactions to page through results. However, the PA1 key does not correspond to a physical key on the keyboard by default. This document describes ways that the PA1 key can be used in QWS3270, including remapping the PA1 key to the 'Page Down' key on the keyboard.

Methods for accessing the PA1 key

There are three major options for accessing the PA1 key in QWS3270:

A. Clicking the PA1 icon on the QWS3270 toolbar

The main QWS3270 toolbar has an icon for PA1, shown below, that you can click whenever you need to press PA1.

The PA1 button is highlighted in QWS3270 Secure

B. Pressing ALT + F1

You can also press PA1 by holding down the ALT key and then pressing F1.

C. Remapping PA1 to Page Down

You can remap the 'Page Down' key in QWS3270 so that the PA1 key is pressed whenever you press 'Page Down'. To remap the 'Page Down' key in QWS3270, do the following:

  1. Click Options > Keyboard.

  2. On the keyboard that appears, click the key labeled Dn as shown below. Be careful that you select the correct Dn key, as one corresponds to the down arrow and the other to 'Page Down'.

    The virtual keyboard is displayed in QWS3270 with the page down key and the remap key buttons highlighted for emphasis

  3. Click the button labeled Remap Key as shown above.

  4. Scroll down and click on Pa1 and click OK.

    A list of alternate functions that can be mapped to the Page Down key is displayed

  5. Verify that the Page Down key now shows 'Pa1' for the 'Normal action' and click Save & Close as shown below.

    The virtual keyboard is shown again with the change made in the previous step highlighted and the save and close button circled

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