BN - Benefit Billing Reprint Invoices

This document outlines how to reprint a Benefit Billing Statement using Cypress.

Procedure At-A-Glance
Category: Benefit Billing
Audience: Institution Benefit Administrators
Overarching Process: Benefits
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General Description

This process will explain how to use Cypress to reprint a Benefit Billing Statement.

Process Inputs

  • Benefit Billing Statements for a Benefits Billing Period already generated by HRS

Process Outputs

  • A pdf copy of the Benefit Billing Statement mailed to the employee.

Process Considerations

  • Institution Benefit Administrators will need security access to Cypress.  For more information on how to install Cypress, please reference KB UWSC Support - Cypress Web Client Installation Instructions .
  • Statements are available on Cypress for 90 days
    • Best Practice: Print a copy of each statement for the employee's benefit file
  • This KB provides steps for reprinting a statement.  It's important to note that the UW Service Center creates, prints and sends the original copy to the employee.


    • If the statement appears incorrect or in need of an adjustment, please contact the UW Service Center to open a ticket.
      • The Benefit team will verify and make adjustments in HRS and print and mail the updated statement on your behalf.

    Procedure Steps

    1) Navigate to

    2) Select the Cypress Client button in the middle of the screen


    3) Click the icon in the middle of the screen


    4) If prompted Select ‘Allow


    5) Enter Cypress as your Domain and enter your Username and Password, and select OK to log in.


    6) You should see Prod in the window to the left

    If you do not see Prod refer to this Troubleshooting PDF

    7) If the door on the PROD icon is not open double click on it, this will enable the Inbox Viewer button

    8) Select Inbox Viewer


    9) This will open a new window, select the ‘+’ next to “UWSC – HRS


    10) Select ‘Benefits’ this will open the folder in the window to the right

    11) Search for Ben040 in the list corresponding to the date statements were run for the Billing Period


    12) After clicking on Ben040 the window below will open up

    13) Select the Binoculars Icon on the right hand side of the window

    This will allow you to type in an Empl_ID and search for a specific employee’s statement


    14) After the Search function has found the employee, you can look at their statement and see the page number in the bottom right

    This will be important if you need to save a multiple page statement


    15) Right clicking anywhere in the lower window will open a dialog as shown below.  Select Save as PDF


    16) Navigate to where you want to save the file

    17) Enter a File name

    18) Select Save Range to print a individual page or multiple pages
    To print 1 page select  "Current Page"
    To print multiple pages, select "Pages", and enter the page numbers from step 14 separated by a comma 
    To print all of your campus' statements, select "Whole Document"


    19) Click Save

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