BN - Current Benefit Summary (Benefits Administrator View)

This procedure goes over how to review an employee's Current Benefit Summary.

Procedure At-A-Glance
Category: Benefits Summary View
Audience: Institution Benefit Administrators; UW Service Center Benefits Team
Overarching Process: Benefits
Navigation: Benefits > Review Employee Benefits > Current Benefits Summary
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General Description

The Benefits Summary page allows Benefit Administrators a snapshot view of the benefits an employee is enrolled in as of today's date.  This information can be useful not only for counseling employees, but can also be used (via dual screens or printed) to ensure all benefits remain in place as expected when reprocessing Events.

Process Inputs

  • Employee ID (Empl_ID) OR
  • Employee's First and Last Name (Empl_ID will provide the best search results)

Process Outputs

    • N/A

    Process Considerations

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        • The Benefit Summary will provide you with a summary of an employee's current benefit selections only.  It will not provide you with information about past or future elections.

        Procedure Steps

        On the left menu, navigate as follows:

        1.  Click Benefits

        2.  Click Review Employee Benefits

        3.  Click Current Benefits Summary

        4.  In the Current Benefits Summary search screen:
        A.  In the Empl ID field, enter the employee's unique 8-digit employee ID, if known. (e.g. 99999999)  This is the best practice since more than one
              employee may exist with similar names.

        B.  In the Name field, enter all or part of the employee's first and last name, if known. (e.g. ABRAHAM LINCOLN)

        C.  In the Last Name field, enter all or part of the employee's last name, if known. (e.g. LINCOLN)

        D.  Click Search to display results for your search criteria.

        Current Benefits Summary - Find an Existing Value

        5.  If you searched on the employee's name in Step 4, you may see a Search Results area with a list of similar employee names. 
             Otherwise the Benefit Enrollment Summary page displays. (Skip to Step 6).
        A.  In the Search Results area, you can click on any column heading (e.g. Last Name) to sort in ascending or descending order.

        B.  Locate the desired Health Benefits record you wish to review, and click on it to select.

        6.  The Benefit Enrollment Summary page displays for the employee.  Note:  All information displayed in the page is coverage as of today.  If you are interested in viewing historical or future enrollments please use the links in the Related KB Documents below.
        A.  A list of Plan Types are available in the following KB document:  BN - Benefits Coverage Code Job Aid .

        B.  Elect = E is Elect, W is Waive and T is Terminated coverage.

        C.  A list of Benefit Plans are available in the following KB: BN - Benefits Coverage Code Job Aid .

        D.  Coverage or Participation will display coverage as of the Coverage Begin date.  Please keep in mind that State Group Life Insurance coverage may increased over the years but the new coverage levels will not display on this page.  You will need to view the most up to date coverage at BN - Annual Benefits Base Rate (ABBR) .

        E.  Coverage Begin = The first date of coverage change.

        Benefit Enrollment Summary

        7.  Click on the Benefit Deduction Summary to view the deduction amounts taken from the last paycheck.
        A.  A list of Ded Code or Deduction Codes is available in BN - Plan Type and Benefit Plan Code Job Aid.

        B.  Class is the Deduction Class which indicates the tax status and employee-pay or employer-share deductions. B is Before Tax, A is After Tax, N is Nontaxable , and T is Taxable.

        C.  Coverage Base is coverage as of the last paycheck deduction.

        Benefit Deduction Summary

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