geBLC Indicators for Courses


Students can look at course geBLC indicators to identify what requirement for general education that specific course fills. Follow to access the page on the Undergraduate Advising website that contains a detailed explanation of geBLC indicators.

The indicators are as follows:

Letters in the "g" column identify a course which counts toward either the Communication requirement or the Quantitative Reasoning requirement for general education.

The symbol "e" in the "e" column identifies a course that counts toward the L&S Ethnic Studies requirement.

Symbols in the "B" column show how courses count in meeting the breadth requirement for the L&S BA/BS degrees.

Symbols in the "L" column show course level. Sixty credits of advanced and intermediate level courses are required for the L&S BA/BS degrees.

Symbols in the "C" column are courses which count for degree credit in L&S and which count as part of the 100 credits in L&S.