TL - Review and Approve Exceptions

This procedure explains how time exceptions will be reviewed and approved by managers, UW approvers, or payroll coordinators.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: Time and Labor processes.
Audience: Designated time approvers, managers, HR Service Center
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General Description:

Time is entered by employees. Time Administration processes nightly to analyze the entered time according to UW rules. Exceptions are created for time which meets specific criteria, such as a punch reporter with a missing OUT punch or a punch reporter with reported hours for a shift greater than 12 hours.  This procedure provides steps to review and approve the exceptions.

Before using this guide, an employee should know the following:

There are two MyUW portals, MyUW Madison and MyUW System, which provide all UW employees access to their Personal, Time and Labor, Absence, Payroll, and Benefit information applications (app).  Each app displays personalized employee information stored in the Human Resources System (HRS), as well as links to HRS-Self Service modules and Help information.

UW-Madison: Employees can access the MyUW Madison portal at using using their UW-Madison NETID username and password.  On the MyUW Madison portal, the Manage Exceptions page can be accessed through the Manager Time and Approval app.

All UW: Employees can access the MyUW System portal at using using their UW Institutional ID username and password.  On the MyUW System portal, the Manage Exceptions page can be accessed through the Manager Self Service - Time Management link on the Manager Time and Approval app.

Procedure Steps

To perform this procedure, please follow these steps:

Review and Approve Exceptions using the Exceptions Page

  1. To review time exceptions, navigate to Manager Self Service > Time Management > Approve Time and Exceptions > Exceptions. Supervisors and managers will access this page through the My UW or MyUW System portal. 


  2. On the Manage Exceptions page, to get a list of employees who have timesheet exceptions, click Get Employees; or enter Group ID, EmplID, Last Name/First Name, Business Unit, Job Code, Department, or Workgroup, then Get Employees. For an overview of employee search options, please refer to user procedure TL - Employee Search Options .
  3. Exceptions will be listed for the specific employee or all the employees within the parameter.
  4. To limit the exceptions to a specific time period or employee, click Filter Options.


  5. Within the Filter Options, enter the data you want to filter. For example, using the Date filter allows you to see exceptions for a time period. Change the Date filter option to "between." Using the "between" option allows you to enter a date range.


  6. Click OK.
  7. If there are exceptions for the date or period, exceptions for the date or time period are listed.
  8. An overview of time exceptions which may occur is listed in TimeandLaborExceptions.xls. Use this overview if an exception requires further analysis.
  9. Review the listed exceptions.
  10. If the exceptions do not require further investigation, they may be allowed.
  11. Click the open box(es) under the Allow column, or click the Allow All button.

    NOTE: Review all "HIGH" severity exceptions, if the exception can be allowed, to determine whether the exception should actually be allowed.

    Exceptions Search Results

  12. Click Save.
  13. The Save Confirmation page is presented, confirming the Save was successful.
  14. Click OK.
  15. You are returned to the Manage Exceptions page. Note: Some allowable exceptions require that Time Admin be re-run to create the payable time (high severity).

This completes the Approve Exceptions procedure. Note: Time Exceptions may also be reviewed and approved through the timesheet.

Review and Approve Exceptions through the Timesheet

  1. To access time Exceptions from the Manager Self Service page, navigate to Time Management > Report Time > Timesheet. The Report Time Timesheet Summary page appears.


  2. To choose a specific employee, enter the EmplID or Last Name and First Name or enter any other parameter. For an overview of employee search options, please refer to user procedure TL - Employee Search Options .
  3. In the Date field, choose the date in question.
  4. Click Get Employees.
  5. The specific employee (or a list if you chose broader parameters) shows in the Employees For section.
  6. If there are time exceptions, the Exceptions icon will appear to the right of the employee name hyperlink and under the word Exception.

    Timesheet Search Results

  7. Click the employee name hyperlink to go to the timesheet.

    Timesheet Search Results

  8. You are taken to the employee's timesheet.
  9. Any exceptions which exist for the employee's time are identified by an icon to the left of the reported time.

    Employee Timesheet

  10. Click on the exception icon to review the exception. You are taken to the exceptions page.

    Exceptions Resolution Page

  11. If an exception was created due to time that was entered incorrectly, correct the time in the timesheet. Please refer to user procedure TL - Timesheet Adjustments . When the next Time Administration runs, the time will be evaluated, and the exception will be cleared.
  12. Confirm the exception is cleared after Time Administration has processed.
  13. Approve the time. Please refer to user procedure TL - Approve Payable Time .

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