HR - Search for Existing Person in HRS

This process is used to check if a person exists within HRS prior to hiring them into a position or job.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: Search for a matching person in HRS
Audience: HR Administrators
Overarching Process: Hire/Rehire
Navigation: Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Add a Person > Search for Matching Persons
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General Description

This user procedure provides detailed information and instructions on how to search for people using Person Search / Match (via Add a Person) in HRS.  HR Administrators are required to check both EPM and HRS prior to entering any new person as an Applicant, Employee, or Person Of Interest (POI). This will determine if the person, intended for entry, already has a record within the the Peoplesoft HRS System and will prevent the entry of duplicate Person Record Numbers and/or Empl_ID's.

Note: all employees who terminated within five years prior to the HRS implementation date of April 7, 2011 are included in HRS as Persons of Interest (POI).

Procedure Steps:

HCM Person Search/Match

Navigation: Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Add a Person


1.  Once on the Add a Person screen, click the link for Search for Matching Person.




2.  The Search Criteria page displays.  Click on the Magnifying Glass to select a Search Code.



3.  Select 'General Core HR Results' (PSHR_GENERAL).  Note:  Click "User Default" to select a default value of "PSHR_GENERAL" for every subsequent search



4.  After choosing a search result code you will be returned to the main page.  In the Search Criteria fields, enter the person's Date of Birth and Social Security Number in the National ID field.  Unlike names that can change over time, these two criteria used in conjunction will return the most reliable results.  When entering data here, be sure to TAB out of the entered fields.




5.  Click the corresponding 'Selective Search' button if there is an order you would like the search to follow.  Then click the Search button. 

Selective Search

6.  The search results may return several potential matches.  Look at the names and Personal Data on Results 1 and 2 Tabs.  to sort them, you can click on the headers of each column (for example: Click the Last Name to sort all potential matches by Last Name)



7. If a match is found, then click the third tab under Search Results and click the 'Person Organizational Summary' link.  This page will detail records for the matched person by summarizing them under 'Employment Instances' for an employee or 'Person of Interest Instance' if the result returned a POI.  



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Employment Match: If the Personal Organizational Summary results in a match you will need to verify if the Person Data is up to date.  Navigate to Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Modify a Person to update the Person data. The Empl_ID will carry forward from the Person Organizational Summary.  See Maintain Employee Data - Biographical Details KB 16907 for more information.

Person Data is Current:  If the Person Data is up-to-date, 

Rehire Person and Transfer Person

Person of Interest: If the summary indicates that the person is an active POI, this Organizational Relationship may need to be inactivated once the employment instance is added, depending on the POI Type. See Add or Maintain a Person of Interest (POI) KB 15636 for more information.

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