HR - Add or Maintain a Person of Interest (POI)

This document describes adding a Person of Interest (POI) to HRS. Before creating a new person, the user should run Search/Match to ensure the person is unique/new to the system using criteria such as Name, Social Security Number and date of birth. A Person of Interest record is used for individuals who have an affiliation with a UW Campus, but are not considered employees and are not paid nor need reimbursement of expenses by the institution.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: Create a POI
Audience: This procedure is for UW staff who will create/maintain person data and/or set up provisioning services for POIs
Overarching Process: HR_2.01 Add a Person

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General Description:

This process should only be used for the purposes of setting up a Person Of Interest (POI) record. These records are for non-employees and may include consultants, emeritus faculty, Non-UW Time Approvers for Time and Labor (T&L), Non-UW Interviewers, or other individuals requiring an affiliation with a UW institution other than employer-employee. 

Note: If a person already has an active POI record in HRS but is also joining a recruiting Search Committee, a second POI type for Non-UW Interviewer (POI23) must also be added to facilitate their access to application materials in TAM.

Process Inputs:

  • Name
  • Department Affiliation
  • Email Address
  • IAA/IAM Person Hub Information
  • Emeritus Status approval

Process Outputs:

  • Staff Directory
  • IAA/IAM Person Hub data feed
  • Provisioning

Process Considerations:

  • SPVI Interface
  • Identification of multiple EmplIDs

Procedure Steps - Add a POI

To perform this procedure, please follow these steps:

  • To avoid creating duplicate person IDs it is important to search both EPM and HRS for an existing record. See the following user procedures:

  • Navigate to Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Add a Person. “NEW” appears in the Person ID field. If a Person ID was found in EPM, change “NEW” in the Person ID field to the Legacy Person ID. The HRS system will assign the Person ID number as the Employee ID. Click Add the Person.

It is likely that minimal information related to the person will be available and/or required. Most fields are not to be completed. However, the following fields are required for Person Hub:

  • The Biographical Details tab appears first. In the Name section, Effective Date is the current date. Click Add Name. Enter the applicable information for First Name, Middle Name and Last Name; click Refresh Name and Save.
  • If the person’s name is single name (e.g., Cher), enter the single name into the last name field, and enter a period in the first name field.
  • If the person knows s/he will be changing her/his PRIMARY name in the future (e.g., due to marriage), add an effective-dated row on the Biographical Details page rather than the Additional Name page.
  • Enter the Date of Birth into the field.
  • Enter the Gender from the drop down menu.
  • Enter the National ID, if available (this is preferred for Person Hub)
  • On the Contact Information tab, enter any available information, such as the Email Address
  • On the Regional tab, do not enter information into any fields.
  • The option to designate the employee as a Person of Interest appears on the Organizational Relationships tab.

Organizational Relationships

  • On the Organizational Relationship tab, check the Person of Interest box.
  • Enter the POI type into the new field that appears. (For TAM/Recruiting related functions, select Non-UW Interviewer for the Person of Interest Type.)

  • Click Add the Relationship. (Note that Contingent Worker is not used by the UW).  If a person already has an active POI record in HRS but is also joining a recruiting Search Committee, a second POI type for Non-UW Interviewer (POI23) must also be added to facilitate their access to application materials in TAM.
  • Organizational Relationships

  • Read and correct (if appropriate) any error messages that appear. It may be appropriate to ignore some error messages (e.g., missing SSN). A new tab will appear titled 'Add Person of Interest'. Click the Get Enabled Security Types button on this tab.
  • To identify the POI's affiliation, it is important to select the Security Access Type of Department from the drop down list and enter "SHARE" for Value 1.
  • Enter a valid active Department (UDDS) for this POI affiliation.

  • Click Save.

Procedure Steps - Inactivate POI

Navigate to:  Workforce Administration > Personal Data > Organizational Relationships > Maintain a  Person's POI Relationship.

1.  Enter ID# or POI Name, Click Search button.


2. Click the + button in the Person of Interest History (lower) section. 


3.  Enter Effective Date the POI is Inactive.

4.  Enter an 'I' in the status field.  'I' = inactive; 'A' = active.


5.  Click SAVE button.

 Related Job Aids:

NOTE: Performing a search match prior to creation of a new person is essential to limit duplicate IDs for employees and non-employees.

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