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This procedure walks you through how to add a new person to HRS. For those institutions using TAM for recruiting, please reference KB 20171.

General Description

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: Add a Person
Audience: HR Administrators
Overarching Process: Hire/Rehire
Navigation: Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Add a Person > Search for Matching Persons
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Process Considerations:

Before creating any new person in HRS, the user must run the Search/Match to ensure the person is unique/new to the system using criteria such as Name, Social Security Number and date of birth.  If no match is found in HRS, then search EPM for a match.  If the search match results indicate that the individual already exists (Primary name and SSN match) in the system and is a "rehire", additional steps may be necessary to modify Personal Information, etc.


Procedure Steps

1. Navigate to Add a Person (Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Add a Person). "NEW" appears in the Person ID field.

2. If a Person ID was NOT found in HRS or EPM, leave the Person ID as NEW.



If an Empl ID was found in EPM but not in HRS, change "NEW" to the ID found in EPM. The HRS system will then assign that same number as the Empl_ID in HRS.

3. Click Add the Person.

 Biographical Details Tab
4. In the Name section, the effective date is either the current date or the start date of the job, whichever is earlier.

5. Click Add Name.  

6. Enter the legal Name values in ALL CAPS.  Using all caps when entering the name provides naming consistency. 

  • If the person's name is single name (e.g. CHER), use the following approach: Enter the single name into the last name field.
    Enter a period in the first name field.
  • If the person has both a primary (legal) name and preferred name, enter the preferred name using the Additional Name page.  See HR - Add Preferred Name .
  • If the person has a name change coming in the future (e.g., due to marriage), this can be entered through Modify a Person.  See HR - Maintain Employee Data - Biographical Details .

7. Click Refresh Name, and then click the OK button.

8. In the Biographic Information section, enter the employee's "Date of Birth."

9. In the Biographical History section, select the "Gender" of the employee from the drop-down list.

10. If you have the social security number, enter it in the National ID field.  If you do not have the employee's Social Security Number, leave this field blank.  Additional processing will be needed after you save the new employee, but do not save yet.   

Contact Information Tab 
11. If elected by the employee, click the "Release Home Information" check box to select it.  (The default is unchecked meaning we will NOT release home information.)

12.  In the Current Addresses section, click the "Add Address Detail" hyperlink to begin to enter the home/tax address.  The Home Address Type is used on the W2 tax form.

13.  The country defaults to USA.  You may select another country if the employee's home address is outside the USA.  Then click the Add Address link.

14.  Enter the address as shown below.  The address cleansing software will automatically populate the county and zip code.  If the street address is not valid, a list of possible valid addresses will show under suggestions.  Enter the correct address.
  • For a foreign address, the entry screen will be formatted to the country's address fields based upon the country that you selected in step 13.

15.  Click OK.
16.  Click OK.
17.  To add Business or Business Other Address:
a. Click the Plus Sign + to add an additional row. 

b.  Select an Address Type of Business or Business Other
c.  Click on the Add Address Detail hyperlink.

d.  Click the Add Address hyperlink. 

e.  Click the drop down arrow for the UW Institution, and select where the employee is working.

f.  Type the location code in the location box if known, or click on the Location Look up and select the appropriate location code.  This will complete the street, city and state portion of the address for you.
g.  Add a Room # and/or Mail Drop ID if required for your institution.
h.  Click OK.
i.   Click OK.
18.  To add additional addresses if you have them:
a. Click the Plus Sign + to add an additional row.
b.  Select Address Type.
c.  Click on the Add Address Detail hyperlink.
d.  The country defaults to USA.  You may select another country if the employee's home address is outside the USA.  Click the Add Address hyperlink.
e.  Add the address details.
f.   Click OK.
g.  Click OK.
h.  Repeat to add additional addresses.

19. To add Phone Information:
a.  Select the Phone Type from the drop down menu.
b.  Type the phone number in the telephone text box.
c.  If applicable, enter the extension in the Extension text box.
d.  If you have additional phone numbers, click the plus sign to add an additional row, and repeat steps a-d.
e.  If you have more than one phone number, click the preferred check box next to the employee's preferred number.

20. To add Email Addresses:
a.  Select Email Type from the drop-down menu.
b.  Type the email address in the Email Address text box.
c.  Click the plus sign to add an additional row to enter more email addresses if you have them.  Then repeat steps a-c.
d.  If you have entered more than one email address, click the preferred check box.

Important Notes:

  •  For a foreign-national employee, an e-mail address of type Business Other must be entered as soon as possible so that Glacier third-party software can contact them to determine substantial presence and evaluate applicable tax treaties.
  • If you enter a value for an e-mail address type of "Business," it will be overwritten by the IAM interface with the appropriate campus specific email address. 

Regional Tab
21.  For the Ethnic Group, if the employee checks "yes" for the question "Is your ethnicity Hispanic/Latino?", then click the magnifying glass lookup and select "HISPA".
22.  If the employee checks "no"
for the question "Is your ethnicity Hispanic/Latino?", then click the magnifying glass lookup and select the value for the race selected on the form.
23.  If the
"Is your ethnicity Hispanic/Latino?" question is not answered and no race is checked, select "NSPEC" for Not Specified.
24.  If more than one race is checked:
a.  Click the plus sign to add an additional row. 
b.  Select the appropriate code.
c.  Repeat a-b to add as many additional rows as needed.
d.  Click the View All to see all rows at one time if desired.  This can be a good way to see that all races have been entered.
e.  Do not click the Primary check box.  This is not being used by UW.

25. If Veteran Information has been provided, update the Veteran Section.  Refer to HR - Add Disability and Veterans Information .

UW Personal Tab

26. Enter the Adjusted Continuous Service Date for all University Staff Ongoing (Classified Permanent) employees and University Staff Project - FT Finite (Classified Project) employees.  NOTE:  For Transfers from Another State Agency, the correct date should be obtained from the Transfer Record.  You can also obtain the correct date by contacting the other institution/agency or looking the information up on the ETF One Net system.  If this field is left blank, the employee will appear on the Workflow Exception Dashboard (WED) as an error.  They will also error out when the Absence Management calculation is run, flagging the missing date.  If an incorrect date is entered, such as the Date of Hire, the Absence Management process will give them their full allocation as if they were a new hire and not account for any time already taken.  Optionally this field can also be used for FA/AS/LI staff service dates.

27. Under the UW Additional Fields section, click the checkbox for Foreign Nat Working Outside US ONLY if all four conditions are met: 1) You are certain the individual will not pass the IRS Substantial Presence Test ( in calendar years involved. 2) The individual will remain outside the U.S. throughout the time the checkbox is selected in HRS. 3) The individual has provided a Foreign Source Income Statement to their hiring department and UW Glacier Account Administrator. 4). The individual has provided an updated UW W-4 listing their work location outside the U.S

28. In the Foreign Nat Working Inside the US section, click the checkbox for Applied for SSN or ITIN if the foreign national has applied for SSN or ITIN. If the foreign national is receiving income while living in the U.S., they must have an SSN (if they're employed) or an ITIN (if only non-service scholarship/fellowship income and they don't already have a SSN). Details on the TIN application process can be found here:

29.The University of Wisconsin is required to verify that Selective Service-eligible new hire employees are registered prior to hiring.  If an employee meets the criteria that requires them to be verified as registered with Selective Service, the UW cannot complete the Hire process until the employee registers or specifies a valid reason for not registering.  Currently, males between the ages of 18 and 25 must register for selective service.  Complete the Selective Service section using one of the following:
  • On the UW Personal tab, the default value on the selective service section for "Registered" is N/A, the default "Reason" is Not Indicated, and the Signature Date is Blank.
  • If the employee meets the selective service criteria and has indicated on the employment forms that he is registered, select Yes and enter the signature date.
  • If the employee is not registered, select "No" and a valid reason must be chosen.
  • Note: The gender in this section must match the gender selected in Biographical Details section; otherwise, an error will be triggered when saving the information.

30.  Enter data into the Disabled and Veterans sections under State of WI Add'l fields according to HR - Add Disability and Veterans Information.

Organizational Relationships Tab

31. Click the Employee checkbox to select it.

32.  If you did not have a social security number for this person, follow these steps to add either a UW Reporting ID or an Individual Tax ID Number (ITIN) if you have that:
a.  Click the Save button.  Read and correct any errors as necessary.
b.  Click the Biographical Details tab.
c.  Under the National ID section, note that the Social Security Number defaulted to XXX-XX-XXXX.  Leave this as is until you have the social security number.  Click the plus sign (+) next to the social to add another row.

d.  Click the drop down arrow next to Social Security Number in the new row, and select Individual Tax ID Number or UW Reporting ID.
e.  In the national ID field, enter the ITIN or UW Reporting ID.  The UW reporting ID is 0 followed by the Person ID. For example, if the Person ID, found at the top of the screen below the tabs, is 00847644, the UW Reporting ID would be 000847644.
f.  Click the Primary ID checkbox next to the ITIN or UW Reporting ID.

33.  If you will add the Job Data information later or if someone else will add the job information, click the Save button now. 
OR, If you will add the Job Data information now, click the Add the Relationship button from the Organizational Relationships tab.

34. Read and correct any error messages that appear.  Search Match automatically runs to identify potential duplicates.  If the Search Results Screen appears:

a.  Review the Search Results carefully to determine if the employee you are adding already exists. 
b.  Click Return to continue.
c.  If you have determined that a match for your new employee exists, click the Cancel button.
d.  If there is no match, click the OK button to continue adding your employee.

35. If you selected Add the Relationship in step 33 above, the system navigates directly to the page where job data is entered.  Continue with adding the job information according to the appropriate KB.  If you selected save in step 33, you can add the job information later by following HR - Add a Concurrent Job (Non-Madison) .

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