TL - Updating Time for Employees w/Workgroup Changes in the Middle of a Pay Period

This procedure explains how to open up grayed out time periods for employee's that have changed workgroups in the middle of a pay period.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: Time Reporting
Audience: Managers, Time Approvers, Payroll Coordinators, HRS Service Center.
Overarching Process: Time Reporting for MSS and ESS.
Navigation: Employees: Self Service > Report Time > Timesheet

Managers: Manager Self Service > Time Management > Report Time > Timesheet

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General Description:

An employee's job information can change at anytime and impact an employee's workgroup assignment in Time and Labor. For example, a move from one department to another or a job change can cause an employee to be moved from one workgroup to another. Workgroups are used in Time and Labor to group employees to apply a common set of rules to their reported time. If an employee's workgroup is changed in the middle of a period the result on the Timesheet page is open and updatable fields on the days before the effective date of the workgroup change, and grayed out fields on the days after the effective date of the change. This procedure explains how to open the grayed out days for time entry or update.

The screen print below shows what the Timesheet page looks after an employee has changed workgroups in the middle of a period.


The employee's workgroup was changed from NON00EEE00 to CLS07NEP85 on 12/21/2010. On the timesheet the first two days are open and reflect part of the period when the employee was enrolled in the old workgroup NON00EEE00. The rest of the days in the period 12/21 to 1/1 are grayed out and reflects the employee's change in workgroups (to CLS07NEP85) as of 12/21/2010.

Procedure Steps

To open the second half of the period for entry, please follow these steps:

  1. Change the date to the first day grayed out on the Timesheet. This date is equal to the effective date of the workgroup change.
  2. Change the View-By option from "Time Period" to "Week".

Once a new View-By option has been selected, the timesheet will automatically refresh.

    In the example, View-By is changed to "Week" and the "Date" is changed to 12/21/2010. This opens up the the grayed out days from 12/21 to 1/1. See screen print below.


    Now the days that were grayed out are open and available for update.

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