Printing: GoPrint Control Center - Delegated Queue Access for Library Staff

This article shows how library staff can access Tier 1 GoPrint queues to release jobs for free, re-print jobs, delete jobs that are hanging, etc.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. Login with your library's user (ex. memstaff) and the password given to you by LTG.  (Note to ltgstaff: username=ltgadmin  password and other logins are in the normal place, KeyPass )

  3. Underneath the printer in question, click on the little blue box to access the queue.


  4. The default view, ACTIVE, is a list of current jobs waiting to be printed. 
    • To delete a problematic job from the queue, click on the green "Discard" button below the list of jobs
    • To print a job for free for a patron,  click on the green "Print Selected Jobs to..." button below the list of jobs and choose the desired printer.


    For Memorial Library 2nd floor printing, see this article to explain the queues.

    For Law Library, if you print a job here to Law_B&W it will come out on Law_A.    Or you can release specifically to Law_A or Law_B (the printers that "service" the main queue Law_B&W which load balances between Law_A and Law_B

  5. If a job was accidentally deleted or needs to be re-printed, you can click the "Archived" button to view a list of all print jobs in the last 4 hours.      Requeuing the job will send it back to the print print queue for the patron to pay for it again, or you can follow the steps above to re-print for free.


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