Retrieving LibraryH3lp statistics and transcripts

Step-by-step guide to retrieving statistics, reports, and transcripts from the LibraryH3lp chat system

** Functionality of reports is only available currently using the Ask_______ users associated to each queue**

First steps, for any of these operations

If you're already logged in to LibraryH3lp as an operator...

1)   Click ACTIONS in the upper right corner.

2)   Click MONITOR ACTIVITY.  The default page shows a table with all chats the queue has received during the current day.




If you just want to log in to see statistics or transcripts, log in to the administrative side of LibraryH3lp...

1)   Go to

2)   Log in with your LibraryH3lp login and password.


Once you are logged in, there are two ways Library H3lp provides statistics:  View Reports and Monitor Activity.


View Reports

View Reports provides these reports...

-  Chats per hour, shown as line chart

-  Chats per month, shown as bar chart

-  Chats per protocol (whether call came in via chat widget, or a particular IM client), shown as pie chart

-  Chats per queue (useful if you are associated with more than one queue), shown as bar chart

-  Chats per operator, shown as table (includes number of calls the operator has taken, and the mean, median, minimum, and maximum wait times)


To view reports...

1)   Click the VIEW REPORTS tab.

2)   Click the box next to the queue for which you want to see reports.

      Default time period for which you'll see reports is the day a queue went live to the present day.

      -  Optional:  Type a title for a report in the TITLE box.

      -  Optional:  Type a start date (YYYY-MM-DD) in the START DATE box, or select a start date by clicking on the calendar icon next to the START DATE box.

      -  Optional:  Type an end date (YYYY-MM-DD) in the END DATE box, or select an end date by clicking on the calendar icon next to the END DATE box.

      -  Optional:  Type a new number in the MINIMUM CHAT DURATION box (the default is for reports to include chats lasting 10 seconds or longer).

      -  Optional:  Uncheck the box next to IGNORE NOT ANSWERED to see all chat calls placed.

      -  Optional:  EXPLODE INDIVIDUAL REPORTS should generate individual reports for each queue selected/checked (instead of compiling them into one).  However, it does not appear to be working.

3)   Click the SHOW AS button under a particular kind of report to view that report.  Each report opens in a new tab.

      -  Optional:  Right-click PERAMALINK TO THIS CHART (above the chart) and click COPY LINK LOCATION.

      -  Optional:  Right-click EXPORT TO CSV [comma-separated value] below the chart and click SAVE AS or SAVE TARGET AS.  Follow directions for saving.  Note that csv data in a .txt file can be imported directly into an Excel spreadsheet.  Your local IT support or Excel help files can show you how.


Monitor Activity

The Monitor Activity page shows a table with all chats the queue has received during the current day.


Information provided in the main table about each call:

-  Guest:  randomly assigned name unless the call came through IM, in which case the caller's buddy name appears.

-  Protocol:  whether a chat came through the chat widget on a web page ("web") or an IM service (service named)

-  Queue

-  Started:  date and time

-  Answered:  number of seconds before call was answered

-  Duration:  in seconds

-  Operator

-  IP address

-  Referer:  web page call originated from


To retrieve data for multiple days...


2)   Click button next to DATE RANGE (on right side of page).

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