HRS HR - Student Template Hire - Submit for HR Approval

Campus Department Representative procedure for submitting Student Worker hire to HR for approval using a Student Hire Template.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: Student Worker Template Hire
Audience: Campus Department Representatives with access to use the Student Worker Template Hire.
Overarching Process: HRS – HR Student Template Hire
Navigation: Workforce Administration > Template Based Hire > Template Based Hire
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General Description:

Campus Department Representatives will complete the Student Template Hire for all new Student Worker hires. Through this process, they will submit the potential hires directly to HR for approval using workflow. These individuals will also be able to monitor the status of hires submitted to HR for hires or rejection.

Process Inputs:

  • Student Worker Hire Information
  • Student Worker Forms

Process Outputs:

  • Student Worker Hire submitted to HR for completion
  • Student Worker Hired
  • Payroll Form Processing
  • Payroll

Process Considerations:

Student Worker hires are dependent upon HR Staff approving the hires submitted by Campus Department Representatives. Check with your supervisor or the HR department to confirm the method used to hire student help.

See these procedures below for a description of other methods used to hire student help:

If student does not exist:

If student exists:

Exceptions (including first-year considerations):

It is possible for Student Worker Hire submissions to be denied by HR Staff. It is important to check the status of Template Hires submitted to HR for approval to hire.

Procedure Steps

To perform this procedure, first search for the person in EPM and HRS:

Note: This procedure assumes the student DOES NOT exist. You will add the student through the student hire template. To get there, navigate to:

Workforce Administration > Template Based Hire > Template Based Hire

1. Click the magnifying glass search.png to select the appropriate Template.

Click on Magnifying Glass icon

2. After you have selected a template, click the TemplateHireGO.png button.

Look Up Template

3. Enter an Effective Date for the Job Start Date in the Job Effective Date field.

4. The EmplID search.png can be used to find students that came up in the HRS/EPM search as a POI-Unknown, indicating the student is eligible for a Work Study award. If this a NEW student help, leave the EmplID field defaulted to NEW.

5. Click the Next button.

Enter Job Start Date

6. Enter hire information into the fields for the Student Template Hire page. The fields with an * are required for this page.
  • Name: Use ALL CAPS when entering the name.
  • National ID should be completed. If the National ID (SSN) is unknown leave blank, HRS will default the number to 999-99-9999. After you have added the person in the template:
    • Navigate to Modify a Person
    • Add a National ID type of "UW Reporting ID"
    • Enter "0 + Employee ID" in the field
  • The Working Title field is not required; however it is a helpful field when looking at multiple Student Help within Time & Labor. If a Working Title is not entered, it will default to the entered name of the Job Code.
  • Enter the Student Help Job Code: (Student Help I 94870, Student Help II 94871, Student Help III 94872, Student Help Residence Hall 94873, Student Help Special (Student Government) 94874 ). The Student Help 94870 Job Code will used the majority of the time.
  • The Comments field can be used for notes or comments. For example, the Template user could Save for Later, reopen and check the Comments. However, note that the Comments only shows up when using the Send to HR for Completion button.
  • A template user now has a few options for proceeding:
    • Click the Send to HR for Completion button. This will place the Student Template information in the Manage Hire page for an HR Administrator to complete. The Further Processing Require page displays, indicating that the Template has been sent to HR for Completion.
    • Click the Save and Submit button. If all the required fields on the template have been completed correctly, this button will assign an EmplID for the Student. HRS HR - Student Template Hire - Submit for HR Approval
7. For this process, click Send to HR for Completion.

8. After submitting to HR, click OK.

Further Processing Required Message with the OK button highlighted

9. Click Template-Based Hire Status link to view the status of the submission.

Template-Based Hire Status link on the bottom of the Template-Based Hire screen

10. View the Status of Hires sent to HR for approval and hire completion in HRS
Template Hire Status displaying Pending Hires (where sample employee is), Cancelled Hires, and Processed Hires

11. You can continuously check the status of your Template Hires as processed hires are manually approved by HR and are not automatic.

Sample Employee is now in the Processed Hires section

12. After entry of large amounts of student help you can review this page to verify all students have been hired into the system (listed in the last section).
  • Any person in the 'Pending Hires' section: will need follow up in Manage Hires or with your Divisional Office.
  • Any person in the 'Cancelled Hires' section:  will need follow up to be reprocessed.  Once they have been resubmitted and hired into HRS, you could removed them from this section:
    • Click the checkbox next to their name or if you want to select all, click the 'Select All' button.
    • Click 'Remove Selected from List' button.
  • Once you've verified a group of Student Help have been hired into the system you can:
    • Click the checkbox next to their name or if you want to select all, click the 'Select All' button.
    • Click 'Remove Selected from List' button.

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