BN - Printing a Manual Benefits Billing Invoice


This KB explains how to create and print a MANUAL invoice for an employee that is enrolled in benefit billing. This will be used when we need to create an invoice outside of the normal monthly benefits billing calculation process which is run on the Tuesday evening, on or before to the 20th of each month.


Examples of when to use this function:

Process Definitions

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1. Navigate to the Reprint Statement page:   Benefits > Benefits Billing > Create Statements > Reprint Statements

2.  Click Add New Value

3.  Enter a Print ID and click Add button
4.  Enter relevant billing period (format is YYMM) 

5.  Enter the employee id that needs a reprint in the emplid box
6.  If additional Empl ID’s are required, click the (+) button

7.  When all Empl ID’s are entered click the Save button 
8.  Navigate to the Print Billing Statement Page: Benefits > Benefits Billing > Create Statements > Print Billing Statements

9.  Click Add a New Value

10.  Enter Run Control ID and click Add button
11.  Accept default for Language – English

12.  Verify accuracy of Billing Period field -- enter the most current benefits billing period that was processed. (Running for a future billing period can break the module.)

13.  Enter CURRENT DATE in the field  for Statement Date and Date for determining Past Due

14.  Click Reprint Checkbox

15.  Enter the Print ID you used on the Reprint Statement  page and click Run

16.  Click OK 

17.  Click Process Monitor link at the top of the page 
Step 4-1U
18.  Click on the Refresh button - Once Run Status reaches Success and Distribution Status reaches Posted, click on the Details link
19.  On the Process Detail page, click View Log/Trace and select the PDF file from the file list
View Log Trace

PDF File
20.   Review invoice statement, print and distribute to employee as applicable.


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