BN - Deleting and Voiding Events Using On Demand Event Maintenance

This document provides the steps a Benefit Administrator will follow to delete unneeded ADM, SAV, or UIA Events using On Demand Event Maintenance. In cases where Events have already been prepared but should not be used, Benefit Administrators may need to void Retirement, Termination, or manually created SAV, ADM, or UIA Events.

Procedure At-A-Glance
Category: Event Maintenance
Audience: Institution Benefit Administrators; UW Service Center
Overarching Process: Benefits
Navigation: Benefits > Manage Automated Enrollment > Events > On Demand Event Maintenance
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General Description:

On Demand Event Maintenance allows Benefit Administrators to manage the open Events for employees.  There are times when a Benefit Administrator will either want to Delete a duplicate Event (such as an ADM, SAV, or UIA Event) or need to Void an Event (Term or Retire Event) that should not be processed through.  It is important to make sure that when deleting or voiding Events that benefits are not inadvertently deleted and/or the WRS is reinstated correctly.  This will be described in more detail below.

Process Inputs:

  • Events triggered by JOB data actions (TM1, RT1, TL1....etc)
  • Manually added Events (SAV, ADM, UIA)
Process Outputs:
  • N/A
Process Considerations:
    • The only Events that should be deleted from On Demand Event Maintenance are manually added ADM, SAV, or UIA Events when the Event has been added to the BAS Activity Table using the wrong date, or when it's a duplicate Event.  Deleting or Voiding other Events such as MSC, DTA, etc can cause significant issues and a loss of history on employee records and should never be done.

    Procedure Steps for Deleting Events

    When an Event has been added to the BAS Activity Table but is not needed, it can be deleted from the On Demand Event Maintenance screen to avoid Benefits Administration from picking up and processing the Event.  To Delete an Event from On Demand Event Maintenance, follow these steps:

    1.  Navigate to Benefits > Manage Automated Enrollment > Events > On Demand Event Maintenance

    2.  Enter the employee's Employee ID (Empl_ID) number and click Search

    Navigation to On Demand Screen

    3.  The employee's On Demand Event Maintenance Screen will be displayed.  Events that are pending and have not yet been Scheduled/Prepared will be displayed at the top of the page.

    ADM Pending

    4.  There can only be one ADM, SAV, or UIA Event for an Effective Date.  If the pending Event duplicates an existing Event with the same effective date, you will need to delete the duplicate Event from the On Demand screen.  To delete an Event, click the Show Activities button to display all pending Events.

    Show Activities Button

    5.  The BAS Activity screen will be displayed.  Click the minus sign next to the Event you wish to delete.


    6.  A pop up box will appear asking you to confirm that you want to delete the Event.  Click the OK button.

    Verification box

    7.  The screen will show that the Event has been deleted.  Click the OK button to continue.

    Event no longer there

    8.  You will be returned to the employee's main On Demand Event Maintenance screenYou must click the Save button for the Event to be deleted.

    Return to On Demand

    Note that the main screen still shows this Event as pending even after clicking the Save button. 
    The Event will no longer display the next time you access this employee's On Demand Event Maintenance screen.  You can verify this immediately be exiting the screen and re-entering the On Demand screen.


    Procedure Steps for Voiding Events

    When an Event has been Scheduled and Prepared (but NOT Finalized), you no longer have the option to delete the Event.  At that point in time, the Event will need to be voided to prevent it from being Finalized through Benefits Administration (Ben Admin)Events that should be voided include ADM, SAV, or UIA Events that were created with the incorrect effective date.  You should also void any termination and/or retirement Events for employees who have been Rehired/Termed in Error (and you are still within the 5 day window before benefits will terminate) or if the employee's termination/retirement date has been changed.  IMPORTANT:  If a term or retire Event has been processed through to Finalized, and the Rehire Event has also been Finalized, benefits must be reinstated using an ADM Event.  For more information on enrolling (reinstating) in benefits, please reference: BN - Processing Events Using On Demand Event Maintenance.

    To void an Event, follow these steps:

    1.  Navigate to Benefits > Manage Automated Enrollment > Events > On Demand Event Maintenance

    2.  Enter the employee's Employee ID (Empl_ID) number and click Search

    Navigation to On Demand Screen

    3.   In this example, there are no Events pending in the top section of the employee's On Demand Event Maintenance screen, but an ADM Event (Effective Date of 9/1/2015 example) has been Prepared.

    Event already prepared

    4.  If it's been determined that this Event will not be used for an enrollment, you need to Void the Event so subsequent Events will not be held up from processing through Benefits Administration.  Click the Event Status Update button to continue.

    Event Status Button 2

    5.  In the employee's On Demand Event Maintenance Screen, set the Process Indicator to a value of Void and leave the Event Status to Open.  Click the OK button at the bottom of the screen to continue.

    6.  Click the Reprocess button on the On Demand Event Maintenance screen.

    Reprocess Button

    7.  A pop up message will appear indicating that the process was successful.  Click the OK button to continue.

    Process completed successfully

    8.  Click on the Event Status button to return to the employees On Demand list. 

    Event Statu Button Mini

    9.  Note that the Event is now voided and Ben Admin will ignore the Event.

    Voided Event

    IMPORTANT:  WRS eligible employees who are termed and rehired on the same day (and the 5 day window has expired) will need an ADM Event to reinstate benefits.  However, even though the system is set up to automatically enroll an eligible employee into the WRS, in this instance the employee's WRS benefit plan will not be reinstated properly.  Please note the example below:

    • On 8/25/2015 the employee was terminated and their WRS benefits were terminated as of the first day of the following pay period - 9/1/2015.
    • On 8/25/2015 the employee was rehired/termed in error.  The 5 day window has expired.  As of 8/25/2015 the WRS plans are still active so the system will not replace the future dated term row.
    • On 9/1/2015 the system will terminate the employee's WRS coverage.

    To avoid this issue, Benefit Administrators can add a row on JOB Data effective the date the WRS will terminate (9/1/2015 in our example) with an Action of Data Change and an Action/Reason of BN Eligibility Update and click the Save button.  This will create an MSC Event as of 9/1/2015.  The system will enroll the employee into the WRS as of 9/1/2015 effectively replacing the 9/1/2015 term row.  If you do not have security access to add a row on JOB or an HR Administrator at your institution who can, please open a ticket and assign it to the UW Service Center and the row will be added on your behalf.

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