BN - Adding or Removing a Dependent for Insurance

Events will occur throughout an employee's career that will make the employee and his or her dependents eligible or ineligible for certain benefits. Updates for an employee may include adding or removing a dependent due to a life event such as birth, adoption, marriage or divorce or changes to a dependent's personal information such as disabled status. Updates may also occur when the employee has a job event such as being hired or having an open enrollment opportunity. Changes to dependent information that affect benefit eligibility for that dependent will be processed by the Benefits Staff through HRS by processing an ADM event through Benefits Administration.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: Benefits Enrollments
Audience: Campus Benefits Administrator 
Overarching Process: New Hire/Rehire and Changes
Navigation:  Benefits > Manage Automated Enrollment > Events > On Demand Event Maintenance
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General Description:

Benefit Administrators at each campus will need to enroll or cancel coverage for dependents by creating an Administrative (ADM) event on the BAS Activity Table and then processing that event using the On Demand Event Maintenance feature.  The steps for enrolling employees and their dependents into benefit plans or removing dependents from plans are the same no matter what the event may be (i.e. ADM, Hire Event, or Open Enrollment).

Process Considerations:

  • ADM Events are manual Events that Benefit Administrators add to the BAS Activity Table with a date equal to the date coverage should begin.  In HRS, this date is referred to as the Coverage Begin Date.
  • Enrollments and/or changes should be entered prior to when the first payroll deduction should take place for the change in coverage.

  • New dependent information (for marriages, new domestic partnerships etc) must be entered prior to processing an ADM event to ensure all dependents are available for enrollment

    Procedure Steps for Adding a Dependent's Information:

      1. Follow the procedure outlined in KB 18182 for Add / Update Dependents.    The dependent must exist in the system before you will be able to enroll or change their coverage.  

Procedure for Adding or Removing a dependent to the employee's insurance plans:

    1.  Follow the directions for adding an ADM event to the BAS Activity Table by viewing KB 16468: Adding and Deleting Events on the BAS Activity Table.
    2.  Navigate to the employee's On-Demand Event Maintenance screen:  Benefits > Manage Automated Enrollment > Events > On-Demand Event Maintenance and
         enter the employee's Empl_ID number.  The event ready to be Scheduled and Prepared will be at the top of the page.  Remember that the dependent must exist in the
         system prior to actually Scheduling and Preparing the Event or the appropriate Option Code will not be available to you for entry.

    3.  Prepare the Event for processing by clicking on the Schedule/Prepare button.  This will open the Event up for entry.

         4.  Click the Election Entry button to open the Event, add the appropriate Enrollment Code and Reason, the Application Received By Date, and click the Apply Enrollment
               Defaults button to carry that value to each Benefit Plan throughout the Event.

    5.  Change the Option Code to the appropriate Family Code and click the Enroll All button.  The dependent names will pull in based on the Option Code chosen.

    6.  After all appropriate chagnes have been made, scroll to the bottom of the Event and click the OK button.  You will be taken back to the On Demand screen.
          Click the Validate/Finalize button.  You will receive a pop up box indicating that the process completed successfully.  Click the OK button.

    7.  To verify the enrollments, refer to KB 16556: Base Benefits Page Inquiry.

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