BN - WED - BAS Open Action Required Report

This KB document provides the steps required to address open events on the WED - BAS Open Action Required Report.

Procedure At-A-Glance
Category: Benefit Event Maintenance
Audience: Institution Benefit Administrators, UW Service Center
Overarching Process: Benefits
Navigation: Benefits > Manage Automated Enrollment > Events > On-Demand Event Maintenance
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General Description

Benefit events are created by Address changes, Job Data changes or Benefit Administrators.  The goal is to make sure all events are processed to Closed with a status of Finalized Enrolled or Finalized Prepared None.  Only when all events are processed can we be assured that employees have been evaluated appropriately for benefit eligibility and enrollments.  The BAS Open Action Required report identifies events requiring additional intervention to ensure the event can be processed to a status of either Finalized-Enrolled or Finalized - Prep None.

Process Inputs

  • Error listing:
    • Employees with a open ADM, FSA or SAV event OR
    • Employees with a open Event in a Prepare - Error status

Process Outputs

  • The ADM, FSA, or SAV event should be finalized with the employee's enrollment or voided if the enrollment changes are not needed.
  • The Prepare Error status event can be addressed by:
    • Creating a ABBR if missing OR
    • Temporarily closing the future dated event until the future payroll calendars have been created in HRS.

Process Considerations

  • The WED is available for credentialed users ONLY and are based on current security roles.  Queries will be viewable only if you have the ability to fix them.
  • ICI ABBR's are based on an estimated annual salary during the first year an employee is eligible for the WRS.  The Annual ICI Process will then update the ABBR each year based on the prior WRS year's earnings.
  • SGL ABBR's are based on an estimated annual salary during the first year an employee is eligible for the WRS.  The Annual SGL Process will then update the ABBR each year based on the prior WRS year's earnings or the highest year of reported WRS earnings, whichever is higher.
  • SGL ABBR should match the coverage amount on the State Group Life Insurance application submitted to Department of Employee Trust Funds.  A SGL ABBR amount is needed to submit eBenefits enrollments to Department of Employee Trust Funds.
  • An ICI, SGL and SGL7 ABBR must be added to EVERY active Employee Rcd (Empl_Rcd) to ensure that the ICI premiums will calculate correctly regardless of which Empl_Rcd is marked as the Benefits Primary Record.  More information on Benefits Primary Records is available in the Related KB Documents and Job Aids section below.


    • HRS will NOT recognize a change in ABBR as an event requiring benefits retro to calculate.  In the event an ABBR has been changed after a payroll has run, a payline adjustment will be required to pick up the missing premium.  If you do not have the security to add a payline adjustment, please open a WiscIT and assign it to your AG Group.  Please note:  clicking the WiscIT button will not automatically create a ticket for you in Cherwell.
    • ABBR effective date cannot be earlier than the hire date on each Employee Record.
    • Income Continuation Insurance ABBR's MUST be changed mid-year due to permanent changes in FTE or annual salary.  For more information about ICI mid-year changes, please visit the Income Continuation Insurance:  Annual Base Benefit Rate Rules.
    • If you are missing an ABBR for a date other than the initial date of Income Continuation Insurance eligibility (i.e. an historical row), you will need to use correction to add the effective dated row.

    Procedure Steps

    1.   Log into HRS.  The Workflow Exception Dashboard queries will appear to the right of the main menu.  Error queries appear based on your current security and whether there is an error to fix.

    Workflow Exception Dashboard

    2.  Click on the hyperlink for the UW_BN_OPEN_ACTN_REQ query.


    3.  A current list of employees with open events requiring action by Benefit Administrators will be displayed.  This list will be refreshed each evening.  Empl_ID's that appear as hyperlinks in the list have more than one error.  (This may occur if the employee has a missing or incorrect ICI ABBR.)

    Errors Dashboard

    4.  Click the Check to Claim checkbox next to the employee you wish to work on.  Your name will appear in the Claimed By section with the date and time noted.

    Claimed By

    5.  Click the BAS_ON_DEM_EM hyperlink for the employee you have claimed.

    Link to Correct

    6.  The employee's On-Demand Event Maintenance page will be displayed.  Note the open event requiring action by Benefit Administrators.

    Correct Event

    7.  The ADM, FSA, or SAV event should be Finalized by completing the employee's enrollment change or voiding if no enrollment changes are needed.  A Prepare Error will give the following two error messages when attempting to process the event:

    • Missing ABBR error message:  "During benefit rate processing, the system was unable to find an acceptable  match between the rate key value for the employee and the rates defined in the benefit Rate Data table.  Therefore, a rate could not be assigned and a deduction could not be calculated."
    • Future dated error message:  "Based on the Event date being processed, the Pay-Begin-Date for the next full pay period cannot be determined from PS_Pay_Calendar.  Establish the missing periods in the pay calendar."
    The missing ABBR can be fixed by setting an ABBR for all Empl Rcds.  Please refer to BN - Annual Benefits Base Rate (ABBR) for additional assistance.  The future dated event can only be temporarily closed since the system will be unable to Finalize until the pay calendar has been setup within HRS.  You can temporarily Close the Event by changing the Process Indicator to "Void" and Process Status to "Disconnect."

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