TL - Accessing a Timesheet (Employee & Manager)


This procedure describes the steps to login to the portal and to access a timesheet as an Employee, Manager or Payroll Coordinator. Additionally, this document provides timesheet fields and definitions.

  • Logging into the portal will vary between UW Madison and all other UW employees. See below in Logging into MyUW Portal.



There are two MyUW portals, MyUW Madison and MyUW System, which provide all UW employees access to their Personal, Time and Labor, Absence, Payroll, and Benefit information applications (app).  Each app displays personalized employee information stored in the Human Resources System (HRS), as well as links to HRS-Self Service modules and Help information.

UW-Madison: Employees can access the MyUW Madison portal at using their UW-Madison NETID username and password.  On the MyUW Madison portal, the Timesheet can be accessed through the Time and Absence app.

All UW: Employees can access the MyUW System portal at using their UW Institutional ID username and password. On the MyUW System portal, the Timesheet can be access through the Timesheet link on the Time and Absence app


1a (Single Job). You will now see the timesheet. The Timesheet Fields section provides a breakdown and explanation of the different areas and fields on the timesheet.

Note: This is the end of the procedure, see 1b for Multiple Jobs.

1b (Multiple Jobs). If you have more than one job, you will be taken to a page requiring you to choose which job you want to enter time for.  You should look at the Job Description, Working Title and Department Description columns to determine which job to pick.  When you have found the job you want, click on the Job Title to enter into the appropriate timesheet.  To see additional information to assist in selecting the appropriate job to report time, click on the Select Job tab.

Multiple Jobs

Select Job

2. You will now see the timesheet. The Timesheet Fields section provides a breakdown and explanation of the different areas and fields on the timesheet.


1. You will now be at the Main Menu. Navigate to the Timesheet Link and click on on it.

Navigation: home > manager self service > time management > report time > Timesheet

Manager Timesheet Navigation

2. You will now be able to search for the employee for whom you will be entering time. If you know the employee's Employee ID, enter it in the EmplID field. If you don't know the employee's EmplID, you can search for the employee by other criteria such as Group ID or First and Last Name (the name must be in ALL CAPS).

Note: A best practice for searching for a group of employees is to only use the Group ID value and for searching for a single employee is to only use the Empl ID.

Search Criteria

3. After entering the desired search criteria, click the Get Employees button. For more information on search options, see TL - Employee Search Options .

4. Depending on your search criteria, one or more employees will be returned. Select the employee you wish to enter time for by clicking their Last Name.

Search Results

5. You will now see the employee's timesheet. The Timesheet Fields section provides a breakdown and explanation of the different areas and fields on the timesheet.


Employee Information
  • Employee Name:  The name of the employee.
  • Employee ID:  The employee's unique eight digit identifier. Sometimes referred to as an EmplID.
  • Job Title: The employee's job title.  *Note: The employee may have multiple jobs. Verify that you are entering time for the correct job.
  • Employee Record Number: If an employee has more than one job in HRS, each job will have a different Employee Record Number.  *Note: Record numbers start at zero.
  • Earliest Change Date: This is how far back Time Administration will go to review the employee's reported time and then process it to payable time.
  • Actions: Do not use

    Timesheet Review

    Employee's Information

Additional employee information can be obtained by moving your mouse pointer over the name of the employee.  A pop-up window will appear automatically with additional employee information.

Time Period Options

  • View By:  This option allows you to view the timesheet either by "Day", "Calendar Period", or "Week".  *Note: "Calendar Period" corresponds to a pay period.
  • Date:  Enter a date during the time period for which you wish to enter time. Time can be entered in the format of MM/DD/YYYY or can be selected from a calendar by clicking the calendar 16808-calendar_icon.png icon.
  • Refresh (button):  After selecting the desired date, clicking the Refresh button will display the timesheet for the associated time period.  Timesheet Information Refresh Button
  • Previous Time Period & Next Time Period:  These links allow you to switch to the previous or next time period.
  • Previous Employee & Next Employee: These links allow you to switch to the previous or next employee from your search results.
  • Reported Hours:  The number of hours that have been submitted for the employee for the selected time period.
  • Scheduled Hours:  The number of hours that an employee is scheduled for during the selected time period.  *Note: Not all employees have a schedule assigned in HRS.

    Timesheet Pay Period Information Section

Timesheet Options

  • Day/Date:  Each day in the time period has its own row.
  • In/Out:  Each row has two In fields and two Out fields. Enter the times that the employee arrives at and leaves work in these fields. If you only need one set of In/Out fields, use the outer set. The time you enter in each field will be evaluated for accuracy. If the time is not in a format HRS recognizes, the offending box will be highlighted red and an error message will appear.  *Examples of acceptable time formats: 8:00 am, 14:00.
  • Punch Total:  The total hours worked in a given row.  *Note: This field will not be updated until the timesheet is submitted.
  • Time Reporting Code:  A time reporting code (TRC) denotes the type of time worked. If the Time Reporting Code field is blank, it is treated as "Regular Hours". *Examples of TRCs include "On Call", "Overtime", "Worked Holiday".
  • Quantity:  It is possible to enter the number of hours worked rather than the times the employee arrived and left. This should only be used when the arrival and departure times do not matter.
  • Sched Hours:  If the employee has a schedule assigned to them in HRS, the number of hours they are scheduled each day will appear in this field.
  • Task Profile ID:  Task Profile ID is used to select the task an employee is performing during the given hours worked. Not all employees will need to select a Task Profile ID.
  • Time Zone:  The time zone of the times for a given row.  Note: This field defaults to "CST" (Central Time).
  • Rule Element 1:  Used to denote hours over 40 in a given week should be put towards comp time. (By default hours over 40 in a given week are automatically assigned an 'Overtime' TRC)
  • Rule Element 2:  Used to denote an auto-lunch deduction.  Note: Not all employees will denote there lunches using Rule Element 2.
  • -/+ Buttons:  Used to delete (-) or add (+) a row.

    Timesheet Reported Time Information Section

    Timesheet Reported Time Section

Miscellaneous Options

  • Summary:  This tab shows the Reported Time Summary. This summary compares an employee's scheduled hours to their reported hours.
  • Leave/Compensatory Time: This tab shows the employee's comp time balance at the beginning of the pay period.
  • Absence:  This tab will show any absence takes in the selected time period and the entitlement balances as of the begging of the pay period.
  • Exceptions: This tab shows any time and labor exceptions in the selected time period.
  • Payable Time: This tab shows payable time generated by the Time Administration job as well as the status of the payable time.

Timesheet Additional Information Section

  • Submit:  Submits the time for approval. You should submit the timesheet whenever you make any changes to it.


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