TL - Using Comp Time


This procedure provides steps for using compensatory time (comp time). If an employee is eligible to receive comp time in lieu of overtime payment and the employee has a comp time balance in the system, comp time usage will be designated in the timesheet.

  • If the employee has a comp time balance exceeding 80 Hours, a Time and Labor Exception will be generated and no payable time on the day of the exception will be processed until the exception is resolved. The employee will not be allowed to use comp time until their comp time balance has been reduced to 80 hours or less.  This can be accomplished by processing a Comp Time Payout (CTPAY) for the employee.  Once the employee's comp time balance is reduced to 80 hours or less, the employee will be able to use comp time hours.


1. Employees who are eligible to receive comp time and have comp time balances available to use will designate comp time usage through their timesheet.  For example, an employee who is scheduled to work 8 hours but chooses to work six hours and use comp time for the remaining two hours of the work day.

2. Scroll to the far right of the timesheet and click '+' to add a new row.

Punch Timesheet

Add Row on a Punch Timesheet

Elapsed Timesheet (No Need to Add Row)

Elapsed Timesheet (No Need to Add Row)

3. On the new row, from the Time Reporting Code (TRC) drop-down, choose the TRC, CTUSE for Comp Time Taken.

Punch Timesheet (Using the In & Out Fields)

Comp Time Used on a Punch Timesheet

Punch Timesheet (Using the Quantity Field)

Compe Time Used_Punch Timesheet Using Quantity

Elapsed Timesheet

Comp Time Used_Elapsed Timesheet

4. After all other timesheet entries are completed, click Submit to save your work.

Comp Time  Error

1. Complete steps 1-3 from the first section.

2. If the employee has no comp time balance or the amount of the comp time usage exceeds the comp time balance, an error message will occur.

In the error message that is shown, the employee is trying to use 2 hours of comp time they do not have. (Note: This error is a bit misleading because the employee is trying to use too many hours. Comp time balance may not go negative.)

Comp Time Error

3. The comp time TRC and hours will have to be removed or changed to an appropriate amount before the timesheet can be submitted and saved.


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