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This procedure provides steps for creating custom search options in MSS Time Management.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: N/A
Audience: Supervisor, manager, payroll coordinator, HR Service Center.
Overarching Process: N/A
Navigation: Manager Self Service > Time Management > Manager Search Options
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General Description:

Within MSS Time Management, it is possible to create a custom search option, setting criteria parameters to those which are used most often by the manager.

Procedure Steps

To perform this procedure, please follow these steps:

  1. Follow path Manager Self Service > Time Management > Manager Search Options.


  2. Click Manager Search Options.
  3. The Manager Search Options page opens.


  4. On the Manager Search Options page, you determine which criteria to include in employee searches. For example, including Emp lID allows you to search by employee ID number; including Last Name and First Name allow you to search by employee names.
  5. The default Employee Selection Criteria includes all parameters except Job Description and Supervisor ID.
  6. To modify the selection criteria, deselect the check box under Include in Criteria.
  7. The column of Include in List check boxes pertains to information which will be part of the search output as shown below.


  8. Select or deselect check boxes according to what you want to see.
  9. The employee search speed can be enhanced by modifying the Auto Populate Option.
  10. Change Auto Populate Results to Prompt for Results.


  11. Within Criteria Defaults, choose Collapse Criteria or Expand Criteria. Expand Criteria is the recommended selection.


  12. If Collapse Criteria is chosen, the employee selection criteria will be hidden each time the timesheet is accessed.


  13. To open the Employee Selection Criteria, click the arrow to the left of Employee Selection Criteria.
  14. The Employee Selection Criteria opens.


  15. With Criteria Default Expand Criteria selected, the default view is the opened Employee Selection Criteria view. This is the recommended view.


  16. After making changes, click Save to save your changes.
  17. The selection options you make will become the search options for each Time Management search.

This completes the steps for this procedure.

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