Lecture Capture - Putting Lecture Capture Embed Code into Learn@UW/D2L Content

How to use the embed code generated by the lecture capture system to create a web based flash video playback.

Putting Lecture Capture Embed Code into Learn@UW Content

When you receive an email from the Lecture Capture system, the message will come with an embed code. Select and copy the embed code from your e-mail like the example below:

email code

content too in Learn@UW

Go to your Learn@UW course and click on Content in the NavBar.

create new file

Under Manage Content, click on Add New Topic.

Click Create New File.

Select a Parent Modulewhere the lecture will reside and give it a Title.

Enter Embed Code

Under the Advanced Tab, click on the Insert Stuff icon in the formatting toolbar.

Paste Embed Code

Click on Enter Embed Code and paste the code in the box. Click Next then click Insert. Finally, click Save. You should now see the lecture in the Content area of Learn@UW.