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This procedure outlines changes that are required on position to ensure that the title, pay range, and pay status are correct. Certain actions on position require additional steps on the employee's empl record, while other actions require transferring between positions.

Procedure At-A-Glance
Category: Position Changes
Audience: HR Professionals
Overarching Process: Human Resources
Navigation: Organizational Development>Position Management>Maintain Positions/Budgets > Add/Update Position Info
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General Description:

This procedure outlines the circumstances under which a Position requires modifications and how to make those changes.

Changes that occur on Position

  • Job Code changes for promote/progression, reclassification and reallocation
  • Working Title
  • Continuity
  • Pay Basis
  • Department
  • Location
  • Reports To
  • Standard Hours/FTE Changes
  • Partial Leave of Absence
  • Max Head Count
Process Considerations:

When changing a position from a Continuity that should not have an Expected Job End Date to a Continuity that requires an Expected Job End Date, it is important to uncheck the Update Incumbents box on the Specific Information tab in Position Data before saving.  This will disconnect Position Data from Job Data and requires that a manual Job Data row be added after the Position Data has been updated to account for the Position Change.  If the Update Incumbents box is checked in this situation, a hard warning message will appear stating "Please enter Expected End Date. It is a required field. (20004,8)" and the record will not save.  Update Incumbents should only be unchecked in this specific situation. 

Update Incumbents


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Procedure Steps

To perform an update on a position, please follow these steps:

1. Go to Organizational Development>Position Management>Maintain Positions/Budgets > Add/Update Position Info

2. Enter the Position Number or look up a position by Department and/or other search fields

3. Choose the desired position from the search results.

4. Click + to insert a row to the existing Position 

Add a row

  • The effective date will default to today's date.  Change the Effective Date to the date that the change is effective.
  • Enter the Reason Code or click the search prompt (magnifying glass icon) to search for, and select the appropriate Reason Code.

Reason codeReason code continued

5. Make appropriate change(s) that must take effect on that Effective Date. If multiple changes are happening on the same effective date, there can only be one Reason Code for each effective date on the Position. But multiple rows will need to be added to the Job Data to record each change.

6.  Click Save.

  • The Position change is saved, and a corresponding Position change row is inserted on the Job Data record with the new Effective-Dated row and changed field values

7. To verify updates have taken place on job data, go to Workforce Administration>Job Information>Job Data.
  • If the change did not push to Job Data please contact the SC to create a WiscIT

8. Under the Work Location tab, verify the position change row inserted on the job.

Verify the position row inserted on the job
9. Verify the field(s) that were updated are correct.
  • In this example the pay basis was updated.
  • If multiple changes were made on the Position in addition to the reason code chosen, add a new row for each change.
  • For example, if the location was changed when the pay basis was changed, add a row, use Action of Position Change and Reason of Location Change. T
  • he location will already have come over correctly with the Pay Basis row but the addition row is necessary for recording the location change.

example of location change

10. Click Save

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NOTE: Changes to Position will affect all incumbents and their job records.

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