HR - Rehiring an Employee


This guide lists the steps for rehiring an employee in HRS. A rehire is used when an employee has a termination row on Job Data and is being hired into the same or a different job throughout the UW System.



  1. Navigate to Workforce Administration>Job Information>Job Data.

  2. Click in the Empl_ID field and enter the Employee ID Number.

  3. Click the Search button.

  4. Select the lowest terminated Employment Record (Empl_Rcd).

  5. Click the plus sign next to add a new row.

  6. Enter the start date in the Effective Date field.

  7. Click the Calculate Status and Dates button if it appears.

  8. From the Action list, choose Rehire.

  9. From the Reason list, choose the Reason for the Rehire. (For example, select Original/New Hire.)

  10. Enter the Position number if applicable. Note: If you are hiring into a Job without a Position, you may need to update the Company, Business Unit, Department and Location.

    NOTE: If the Position number is being reused for the employee's Rehire, click the Override Position Data button and then click the Use Position Data button to refresh any information that may have changed on the position in between termination and rehire. (For example, if a department change occurred on the Position while the employee was Terminated, the change from Position may not flow to the Job, and it can cause issues downstream if an old department (for example) has since been inactivated.)

  11. Enter the Expected Job End Date if required. This field is required for Continuity of 02 or 05. See HR - Continuity Status Overview.

    work location tab

  12. Click the Job Information tab.

  13. If you are using a position, verify that the fields listed below have populated correctly. If you are not using a position, these fields may need to be updated.
    • Job Code
    • Reports To
    • Empl Class
    • Full/Part
    • Pay Basis
    • Standard Hours/FTE

    Other fields on this tab that may be used are:

  14. Click the Job Labor tab. The values will populate based on the position or values entered on the Work Location and Job Information tabs.

  15. Click the Payroll tab. The data will populated based on the previously entered data.

  16. Click the Salary Plan tab. The values will populate based on the position or values entered on the Work Location and Job Information tabs.

  17. Click the Compensation tab.

  18. Click the Default Pay Components button.

  19. Verify the Rate Code. HR - Comp Rate Frequency Overview 

  20. Enter the Comp Rate. If this is a lump sum job, leave this field blank.

  21. Verify the bottom Frequency. HR - Comp Rate Frequency Overview

  22. Verify the top Frequency is H, M, or 9M. See HR - Comp Rate Frequency Overview.

  23. Click the Calculate Compensation button.

  24. Verify the Compensation Rate (in the top Compensation section) is correct.


  25. Click on the UW Custom tab.

  26. Select or verify Continuity. HR - Continuity Status Overview .

  27. If a probation is required, select the Probation Type. If no probation is required, you must choose Not Required. See HR - Probationary Employees.

  28. Enter the Probation End Date, if applicable.

  29. Click one of the Rate Exceptions checkbox if appropriate.


  30. Click the UW Benefits tab.

  31. Leave the Previous WRS State Service and Previous WRS Local Service fields blank.

  32. If known, select the value for the WRS Before July 1, 2011 field. If unknown, leave as the default value of No.

  33. Enter the correct value for the Rehired Annuitant Field if known. If unknown, leave as the default value of No.

  34. Leave the Visiting from Other Institution field blank.

  35. If the employee is required to work out of state for their job, select Yes from the drop-down for the Work Out of State Required field.

  36. If the employee is expected to work less than 20 hours per week, select Less than Half Time Rate in the Health Rate field.

  37. Click on the Employment Data Link at the bottom of this page.
  38. 92uwbenefits.jpg

  39. If applicable, enter the Criminal Background Check Date.

  40. If this is a Faculty hire that is eligible for tenure:
    1. Click the flag icon.
    2. Click the Accrue Tenure Services checkbox.


  41. Click Save.


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