TL - Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of frequently asked questions in the Time and Labor module.

Approving Time

How do I approve time?

Please refer to the following KB to approve time: TL - Approve Payable Time

How do I see if I am a Payroll Coordinator or Approver for an employee?
Direct them to the following navigation: Time and Labor>Enroll Time Reporters>Maintain TL Security

I am not seeing my employees to approve their time?
  • Validate payroll coordinator or Approver can see the employee's timesheet
    • In order to see all of the employees listed in the supervisors group, please direct them to the following navigation: Manager Self Service>Report Time>Timesheet
    • Search by group ID or emplid.
    • All the employees the approver has access to approve time for will be listed here.
  • If the approver CAN see the employee listed here - The approver does have access to approve the employee's time.
  • If the employee has not yet submitted their time or if the Time Admin process has not yet run, the approver will not be able to view these employees on the Manager Self Service>Time Management> Approve Time and Exceptions>Payable Time page
  • If the approver CAN NOT see the employee listed here - have them navigate to Time and Labor>Enroll Time Reports>Maintain TL Security.
  • Then search by the emplid they are trying to approve for.
  • This will show all the payroll coordinators and approvers that have access to approve time for this employee.
  • If the person is not an approver direct them to the KB document to add themselves as an approver: TL - Create and Maintain Time and Labor Security
  • If the person does not have access to add themselves as an approver, he/she may need to contact their central HR or PY office.
  • Once Time Admin has processed submitted time, please refer to the following KB Documents on time approval process: TL - Approve Payable Time

Entering Time

How do I enter time?

  • If employee is FLSA exempt and FA/AS/LI (unclassified) hourly employees please see the following KB on entering time in HRS: TL - ESS Report Elapsed Time
  • If employee is FLSA non-exempt hourly employees and student employees please see the following KB on entering time in HRS: TL - ESS Report Punch Time
  • **NOTE: These KBs will include how to enter overtime on differentials, shifts that expand two days, changing lunch time, etc.

How do I change an employee's time entry method from Web Clock to Timesheet?
Requests for switching time entry methods will have to go through OIM. Please use the following link to request a change:

What is the procedure for any missed time prior to the April B Payroll?
  • Create a one-time additional pay for the employee. **PLEASE NOTE THIS PROCEDURE ONLY APPLIES TO THE FIRST PAYROLL IN HRS**
  • For any prior period time adjustments after the first biweekly payroll in HRS Confirms, please reference the following KB document: TL - Timesheet Adjustments

Updating Schedules

How can I change an employee's schedule?
  • Have the person navigate to Time and Labor>Enroll Time Reporters>Assign Work Schedule
  • Search by emplid to pull up the current schedule for the employee.
  • Click on the "+" sign to add a new effective dated schedule for this person.
  • Enter an effective date when the new schedule will take effect.
  • Select the magnifying glass to the right of the schedule ID field.
  • Search for a schedule ID that matches the employee's shift and click on the schedule ID hyperlink to select that schedule.
  • Once the new schedule is selected you can click on the Show Schedule hyperlink on the new row to see calendar detail for that schedule.
  • If the desired schedule does not yet exist, contact your Affinity Group to submit a Work Schedule Request.  You may complete a  Work Schedule Request Form when submitting a request for a new schedule.

Misc FAQs

The timesheet does not show paycodes. Can comments be entered?

TRC's (Time Reporting Codes) do not show directly on the timesheet grid unless it is a TRC that needs to be entered by the employee or payroll coordinator. There are different pages with PS that can be accessed and reviewed. We also have a modification called the TRC Summary is linked directly to the timesheet. This summary page shows the TRC's and hours associated with each as of the last Time Administration run. Comments-beside each day of time entry a comment can be entered. This is a free form field.

Where is standby be entered?
Standby is a TRC that is entered on the timesheet with the number of units. The rule then calculates the amounts based on the bargaining unit provisions.

Can you approve timesheets not in the general manager view but in the timesheet itself? Where will missing punches appear?
There are multiple methods in which time can be reviewed for approving.  Approvals cannot be done directly on the timesheet. Time approvals are shown in the Approve Payable Time page. Missing punches will be shown on an exception report and page within PS. An icon does show on the employee timesheet indicating a problem.

If I have to change a paycode from OS to OT, where do I do it?
You can make this change directly on the timesheet. The employee/supervisor/payroll coordinator is able to select either Overtime-Straight or Overtime at time and one half. (Exempt Staff only).

How many hours must be worked before the auto lunch deducts? Once or 2x per day?
At this time we do not have a required number of hours worked built into the auto lunch deduct functionality.

Are working titles reportable? Visible on Manager Screens?
Yes the working title can be queried. The working title will appear on the manager's approval screen.

How do two managers approve partial work weeks? Will that show somewhere? Can I tell if the other manager approved their units hours? Can I tell who that is?
Each manager will need to be assigned as a supervisor in order to approve the timesheets. An approval report will be created showing all time that still needs approval. The Payroll Coordinators will also have security access to the Approve Payable Time screens in PS so they are able to see all the employees needing approvals.

Is there a place to denote "home" timeclock? Would that also be automated? Would this also be automated in the auto enroll process during a transfer? How would the transfer know what group (exception punch vs. punch positive) a person should go into?
A TCD group would be assigned to an individual. This group could consist of one time clock or several time clocks. The assignment of the TCD group will occur by the Payroll Coordinator using the Custom Security Page. Once the TCD group is assigned, the employee's workgroup would be populated based on the configuration values provided by the units. All time clock users will be punch positive time reporters.

Is there any way to track/denote the # of hours that are worked on restricted duty (eg medical restrictions)?
Further discussions are needed with the Worker's Compensation staff to determine the business requirements.

(All) Students weren't really addressed in these conversations. Will the system work exactly the same for them? TL; end dates, schedules, exceptions.
From the TL perspective, yes the students would work the same in regards to time entry options, exceptions, and so on. They will be considered punch positive time reporters which means they will have to record their hours directly into the system (via web entry methods discussed), or via a Timeclock.

Will staff be able to use comp time carryover from 1/1-4/30? Will it show separately, if so where?
Yes, there will be separate buckets for both Comp Time and Comp Time Carryover, which employees will see on their Earnings Statements. The Carryover will expire on the appropriate date based on the contract language.

What reports will be available in HRS for Time and Labor?
Please see TL - Time and Labor Reports for a listing of available reports.

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