HR - Managing Multiple Incumbents


This procedure outlines the best practice for use of multiple incumbents in a position and the changes that occur on position which affect the jobs of all employees assigned to that position. HRS was designed for partial position management.  Not all campuses will utilize positions by having multiple incumbents attached to one position, however, this is possible within HRS.  This document will outline the requirements to successfully manage positions with multiple incumbents.

Madison Disclaimer
  • This process should not be used for incumbents who are eligible or may be eligible for leaves of absences, fte changes, or that may have progression title changes.
  • This process may be used for any type job; however, some employment classes require a position number in order to save the record.
  • Changes on Position will require a corresponding action on Job.  It is a good habit when making a change on Position Data to verify that it has flowed to Job Data.  Historical changes on Position that require insertion between two rows on Job will require correction access (contact UW Service Center at


  1. Navigate to Organizational Development>Position Management>Maintain Positions/Budget>Add/Update Position Info

  2. Follow the steps to create a new position or modify a position.

  3. On the Specific Information tab change the "Max Head Count" from 1 to the appropriate number.  This will allow units to hire up to that number of employees.  If a unit tries to hire more than the designated number, a warning message will appear.


  4. Go to Workforce Administration>Job Information>Add Employment Instance

  5. HR - Add Employment Instance (Non-Madison) by selecting the appropriate position number for each of the incumbents. 

  6. When determining if it is appropriate to have multiple incumbents in a position, refer to the chart below for reference.
 Action Update to Current Position Y/N?   Update to Current Job Y/N?   Changes all incumbents? Action Required 
 FTE Change  Yes  Yes Yes 
 Partial Leave of Absence Yes  Yes   Yes Add row on Position Data, effective date and appropriate partial leave reason.
Continuity Change  Maybe   Yes  Yes  For O2A-C & O5A & B changes to a non-required EJED continuity requires selection of a new position number on Job Data.
 Full Leave of Absence  No Yes   No Add row, effective date, action/action reason on Job Data.
Title Change  Yes   Yes  Yes If a promotion w/in title series or a reclass then the Position Data should be modified.  If a promotion due to a recruitment the incumbent should be transferred to a new position on Job Data. 
Within Salary Range Change   No Yes   No  Add row, effective date, action/action reason and new comp rate on comp tab on Job Data.
Employment Category Conversion   No Yes   No This action requires a new position with the correct empl class and position attributes.  The employee is transferred with an action reason of conversion on Job Data. 
 Pay basis change Yes  Yes   Yes  Add row with effective date, reason and change Pay Basis on Position Data.  Verify the  appropriate effective date, action/action reason, are on Job Data and add new compensation information.
 Probation end date change
(CP & AS)
 No  Yes  No UW custom tab on Job Data - modify end date. 
 Faculty tenure on track extension No   No No  See Calculate Tenure Pages. 
 FMLA Leave  No  No  No See FMLA Tracking.
Job Security   No  Yes  No  UW custom tab on Job Data - modify guaranteed length
 Modify expected job end date No   Yes No  Requires that all incumbents have an EJED but the dates in the EJED field on Job Data do not need to match.
 FLSA change  Yes  Yes Yes  Verify Position Data update changed status on Job Data. 
 UDDS Change (i.e. Business Unit or
 Yes Yes   Yes Defaults from position 
Location   Yes  Yes Yes  Defaults from position 
 Lay off No   Yes  No Defaults from position 
 Non-renewable No   Yes No  Defaults from position 
 Union Code  Yes  Yes  Yes Defaults from position 
UW Career Exec Flag   Yes Yes  Yes  Defaults from position 
 Termination No  Yes   No Action on Job Data only, Changes number of incumbents on position only.


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