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This document provides a listing of employee classes and the valid probation types for each empl class. It also shows where the probation type and end date are entered on the job data page and how to extend a probation end date.

  • This document does not apply to UW-Madison and is intended for users from other UW campuses. UW-Madison users should refer to documentation intended for their campus.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: Hire an Employee – Probation
Audience: HR Professionals
Overarching Process: Hire a Person, Maintain job data
Navigation: Workforce administration>Job Information>Job Data>~UW Custom
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General Description:

The State of Wisconsin and UW System have defined certain relationships as absolute factors when an appointment is created. When appointments are created, most are assigned a probationary period of a certain type (Probation Type), and with a defined length (Probation Date). There are currently seven types of probationary periods. The type of probationary period available to an appointment is limited by its Empl Class.

The valid probation types are listed below:

Value Description
CO Classified Original
CP Classified Promotional
CS Classified Permissive
EV Faculty/Academic Staff/Limited Appointment (FA/AS/LI) Unclassified Evaluation Period
HS CHS (Collateral Faculty)
PI Probationary Leading to Indef
TR Trainee or Apprentice
NR Not Required

Valid Probation Types by Employee Class and Continuity Status:

Probation Chart


Faculty probationary periods are set up in HR - Tenure Tracking and do not use Probation Type on the UW Custom Page for faculty.

Procedure Steps

To perform this procedure, please follow these steps:

  1. The probation type is entered in HRS on the Job Data page, UW Custom tab. (Menu navigation is: Workforce Administration >Job Information > Job Data. When the employee is hired, the fields for Probation Type and Probation End Date are required to save the job record.
    Note: If there is no probation, select Not Required, and leave the Probation End Date field blank.


  2. The probation report will provide information on those employees on probation so that their status can be reviewed. If the probation end date needs to be extended, then a job row is added to the job data page. Select the action of "Data Change" and the appropriate reason for the extension.


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NOTE: Faculty probation is tracked using tenure tracking.

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