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This document reviews some frequently asked questions regarding EPM reporting. After each question, there is an answer provided.

What is EPM?

EPM is the HRS Data Warehouse system. EPM (short for "Enterprise Performance Management") is PeopleSoft's data warehouse platform. EPM simplifies the difficult tasks of finding, consolidating, and preparing HRS information for distribution. The EPM Data Warehouse serves as a platform for basic queries and reports, and also as a data feed for external supplemental systems.

The EPM Data Warehouse extracts data from HRS nightly, so data in EPM may be up to a day old when compared to the "live" HRS system.  Nightly batch information is on the Data Warehouse Website.

How can I access EPM?

There are two ways to directly access EPM. Most people will use the online EPM system to run queries or reports, or to develop their own queries using the PS Query (PeopleSoft Query) tool. Some people may want to use HRS data from EPM to feed into desktop database tools or into supplemental systems, which requires "External EPM Database Access".
  1. EPM Online Access: No special User ID or password is required for online EPM access, although you need to have the correct EPM security roles in order to run queries against specific data in EPM. EPM can be accessed directly from the online HRS system by clicking on the "EPM" link at the bottom of the HRS system menu. You can also use this URL link to access the online EPM system: https://epm.wisconsin.edu/login
  2. External EPM Database Access: Some people need an "external database connection" to the EPM database because they want to use EPM data with desktop database tools such as Microsoft Access, "TOAD", or the Hyperion desktop client. People who need this type of data feed for external desktop systems need to request the "EPM ODBC Data Access" security role.

    People who require EPM data to feed into a supplemental system need to apply for "System/Application External EPM Database Access".

    For more information and instructions on how to request EPM security roles or apply for System/Application External EPM Database Access, see the EPM Data Warehouse page on the Service Center intranet site: https://uwservice.wisc.edu/administration/data-warehouse.php

Will we be able run queries from the Interactive Reporting Query Library using HRS data directly from EPM?

Yes, Query Library queries that previously ran against IADS data are written to run against HRS data via EPM. In order to run the queries in the Query Library against the EPM database, you need to have the appropriate EPM security roles. Once your EPM Query Library roles are approved, you will receive an EPM User ID and Password from HRS Provisioning. You will be prompted for the EPM User ID and Password when you run the query in the Query Library.

For more information and instructions on how to request EPM security roles, see the EPM Data Warehouse page on the Service Center intranet site:

Will we be able to write queries or access raw data directly from the HRS database for "up-to-the-minute" data?

No. The only direct access to HRS data will be through the online HRS system, via screens, pre-written queries, or HRS reports. EPM allows you to write your own queries against EPM data views. EPM data is at the most "one day old" and is extracted from the HRS system on a nightly basis.

Will we be able to directly access EPM data warehouse database tables, as well as EPM data views?

No. The EPM database table schema is a very complex structure and would be very difficult to query against. The HRS EPM Team has developed a number of "Data Views" that pull together data from various EPM database tables into a more meaningful and easy-to-use format for writing queries.

Will we be able to get data in batch from EPM to load to our systems?

Yes. You can access the EPM via a secure ODBC connection to select data into your external systems. Whether that is done manually or as part of batch process is dependent on your systems. There will be no 'push' of data to external systems.

For more information, see the EPM Data Warehouse page on the Service Center intranet site: https://uwservice.wisc.edu/administration/data-warehouse.php

What resources are available to learn more about EPM and the EPM Data Views? How can I map data from EPM data views to IADS or InfoAccess data views?
What data views are available in EPM and what data is in them?

Go to the HRS EPM Data Warehouse page on the Service Center intranet: https://uwservice.wisc.edu/administration/data-warehouse.php

There are a number of document links and FAQ's highlighted including "data dictionary/views.

  • The "List of EPM Data Views" provides an overview and brief description of the EPM Data Views and whether or not they contain "sensitive data".
  • The "EPM Data Dictionary Documents" are spreadsheets that contain detailed information about the data elements within each EPM data view. The EPM Data Dictionary provides functional descriptions of each data element, navigation to the screen and field on the HRS online screens where the data is entered, detailed data conversion logic, and the legacy data source for converted data. The column headers in the spreadsheet are "filtered" so you can search and drill down to the information that you are looking for.
  • The "Configuration Values" are used in conjunction with the EPM Data Dictionary and contains listings of the data values for "lookup" fields in the data views.
  • There are also a number of additional EPM FAQ documents that answer questions that the HRS EPM Team has developed.

What education data is available in EPM?

Person Profile information such as degree and degree dates are available.

What employee data, including contact data, is available in EPM?

Employee home and business address, phone, and email information are included in the Address view. Emergency contact information will be available in a separate view. Some employee information will only be available in the secured views. Please refer to the "List of EPM Data Views” or the "EPM Data Dictionary” for further information: https://uwservice.wisc.edu/administration/data-warehouse.php

Will we be able to create our own queries in EPM?

Yes. You will be able to create "private queries” (queries that are only accessible to you) using PS Query.

What query tools will we be able to use with EPM?

PeopleSoft EPM is delivered using the PS Query tool. External tools such as Hyperion and MS Access will be allowed to connect to EPM to query the same EPM data views via secure ODBC connection.

What tenure information will be available in EPM - relationship, department, etc.?

There are two views in EPM related to Faculty.   UW_HR_TEN_VW and UW_HR_FACREL_VW that include: Employee Name, Tenure Department, Tenure Status, Tenure FTE, Tenure End Date, Length of Extension (In Years), Extension Reason, Academic Rank, Faculty Relationship, Faculty Relation Department, Faculty Relation Begin Date, Faculty Relation End Date.                                                                                                                              

When will there be query training for EPM?

There is a course on Desire2Learn for HRS called "Reporting Fundamentals” that provides a basic overview of running reports, running queries and writing queries in EPM.   Here are instructions on how to register: 
  1. Go to Desire2Learn at https://www.wisconsin.edu/d2l/
  2. Login with your campus credentials.
  3. Click the Self Registration link in the top left corner.
  4. Chose the course you want to register for (i.e. Reporting Fundamentals).

Will some current InfoAccess views, especially the 'frozen' October and March Payroll and October appointment/position data be replicated in EPM?

Frozen payroll data views are created in EPM and reports can be run for each October and March.

How often will EPM view data be refreshed?

Nightly updates from the HRS database take place 6 nights a week Sunday through Friday.  Sunday Night EPM Batch updates pick up data from HRS entered Saturday and Sunday.

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