HR - Faculty Hire

This guide will walk you through the steps of hiring an employee into a Faculty position for all campuses, except UW-Madison. UW-Madison uses a partner system called Job and Employee Management System (JEMS) which interfaces with HRS.

  • This document does not apply to UW-Madison and is intended for users from other UW campuses. UW-Madison users should refer to documentation intended for their campus.

Note: Prior to hiring, transferring, or adding a concurrent job, remember that the approved Position must be created prior to following these steps.

  1. Before adding the relationship, you should have completed the following:
    • Searched EPM for a potential match.
    • Search for Matching Person conducted in HRS
    • Add a Person's information has been completed.
    • Add the 'Employee' relationship on the Organizational Relationship tab.
  2. Within the Job Data pages on the Work Location tab, verify or change the Effective Date.


  3. The Action defaults to Hire. Click and enter the Reason for the Hire. Note: If Continuity is 02A, 02B or 02C (Summer Session and Summer Service), the Faculty member is required to have an Expected Job End Date.
  4. Enter the Position Number.
  5. Click the Job Information tab; verify the job information pre-populated by the selected Position number. Note: If the faculty appointment is on the tenure track, and the person needs a contract, click the "Next Contract Number" tab. The field will default with the value of 0001.
  6. Click the Job Labor tab; values will default from Job Code and Business Unit.
  7. Click the Payroll tab; values will default from Business Unit, Job Code, Empl Class and Pay Basis.
  8. Click the Salary Plan tab; values will default from the Job Code and Business Unit.


  9. Click the Compensation tab. Note: Review HR - Comp Rate Frequency Overview for assistance on what should be in the fields.
    1. Click the Default Pay Components button.
    2. In the Pay Components section, in the Amounts mini-tab, verify the Rate Code.
    3. In the Pay Components section, in the Amounts mini-tab, enter the Comp Rate.
    4. In the Pay Components section, in the Amounts mini-tab, verify and/or update the Frequency, if necessary.
    5. In the Compensation section, verify and/or update the required *Frequency field, if necessary.
    6. Click the Calculate Compensation button.


  10. On the UW Custom tab, review Continuity Status Information, defaulted from Position.
    • Select the Probation Type and select Not Required.
    • Encumbrances section: As of June 10, 2013, the values in the Year and Session fields will populate automatically for an employee's job. For more information on Encumbrances, refer to HRS KnowledgeBase document 16729, HR - Encumbrance Definitions - Job Aid .  
  11. Click the UW Benefits tab.
  • Previous WRS State Service/Local Service: A nightly batch process makes a call to ETF to see if the employee exists in the ETF employee database. Review BN - WRS Lookback Process . The field will auto populate to "0"  for those employees that do not have previous service. An employee with previous WRS service will be placed on the New Hire Hold report and will need manual updating. Review HR - WED - UW_HR_NEW_HIRE_HOLD .
  • Update Rehired Annuitant, Visiting from Other Institution and Work Out of State Required, as required.
  • Click the Employment Data link. This is where you will identify that this appointment is eligible for tenure.
    • If applicable, enter the Criminal Background Check Date.
  • Click the flag to Expand section for USA


  • Click Accrue Tenure Services checkbox, to identify eligibility for tenure for this appointment.
  • Click OK.
  • Click the Save button.
  • You (or someone else) would also have to set up tenure tracking and contract date(s) for this Professor. That can be done at a later time.
  • Links to Additional Training Documents

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