TL - Assign Work Schedule (Payroll Coordinator)

HRS will automatically setup a default work schedule for an employee, but there may be times when the schedule assigned needs to be changed. This document explains how to assign a work schedule for an employee.

Before using this guide, an employee should know/have the following:

  • HRS login ID and password
  • Work Schedule and Approver Form

1. Log in to HRS.

2. Go to Main Menu > Time and Labor > Enroll Time Reporters > Assign Work Schedule.

3. You will now be at the Assign Work Schedule page. Enter the desired search criteria for the employee and click on the Search button.

Search for an employee

4. If your search brings up more than one person or employee record, select the one you want from the list by clicking on any of the items in the row.

Pick a person from the list of people and empl records

5. Once you select someone, you will be taken to their Assign Work Schedule page.  To change the work schedule, you will need a new row to work in.  Click on the Add Row (New Row plus icon) icon.

Assign a Work schedule with the add a row link highlighted

6. You should always remember that any new schedule you add cannot have the same Effective Date as a previous work schedule.  If the Effective Dates are the same you should change the Effective Date for the row you added. 

IMPORTANT: The best practice is to have an Effective Date of a Sunday.  Even though HRS can handle mid-pay period adjustments, it will be less confusing to have changes made consistently. 

7. To change the work schedule, you need to alter the Schedule ID.  If you know the code for the new work schedule you can enter it or click on the Lookup Tool Lookup Tool icon.

Assign a Work schedule page with the Schedule ID an Lookup Tool Highighted

8. You may want to narrow down the list of results by using the Search and wild card (%).  In this example, an Elapsed 40 hour a week work schedule was needed so the user searched using the term "E40%".  After entering your search term, click the Look Up button.

Scehdule Lookup using

9. Select the schedule ID you need from the list of results by clicking on either the Schedule ID or Description.

Schedule ID results from the search for

10. To make sure you picked the right schedule for the person click the Show Schedule link.

Assign Work Schedule page with the Show Schedule link highlighted

11. This will bring you to the Schedule Calendar page where you can see schedule details, including how many hours an employee is scheduled each day.  Verify that the information is correct. Click the OK button to return to the Assign Work Schedule page.

Schedule Calendar showing an employee's new schedule for a week

12. Click the Save button to keep the changes that you made and assign a new work schedule for an employee.

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