TL - Punch Positive Timesheet Entry (Employee & Manager)

This document will explain how an employee and/or manager enters time in a punch positive timesheet.

Procedure At-A-Glance
Category: Time & Labor
Audience: Employees, Payroll Coordinators, Approvers and Service Center
Overarching Process: Time Entry
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General Description

A typical employee who would use this type of timesheet would be a non-exempt employee with a varied work schedule and has not been assigned a schedule in HRS.  These types of employees must manually enter the IN and OUT punches for each shift worked on the timesheet for each day of the pay period.

Process Inputs

  • Time worked by the employee

Process Outputs

  • Reported Time

Process Considerations

  • The ‘Auto Lunch’ deduction should only be used for punch exception employees.

Procedure Steps

1. To access or review the timesheet, refer to TL - Accessing a Timesheet (Employee & Manager).

2. Select the correct time period.

3. Enter the times the employee arrived at and left work.

In & Out Punch for start and end of a work shift
  • The first In and Out punch fields are used to record the start and finish of a work shift.
In & Out punch when employee has a lunch break during the work shift

  • The 2nd Out and In punch fields are only used to record a lunch break within the work shift.  If the employee is not required to report a lunch break, then these punches should be left blank.
  • The time entered in the In and Out punch fields can be formatted several ways (e.g., 7:45a, 7:45AM, 07:45:00AM, etc). Refer to TL - Timesheet Time Format for detailed formatting information.
4. Click the Submit button.

5. The timesheet has now been submitted. You can see the status of the submitted hours below the timesheet. After the Time Administration process runs, the time can be approved.

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