AM - Enter a Partial Day Absence (Payroll Coordinator)

This document will show you how to enter a partial day absence for an employee as a payroll coordinator.

NOTE: Best practice dictates that Absence entry is completed before the hours worked are entered on the timesheet. After entering the employee absences you can then go to the employee's timesheet to adjust or add hours worked to complete the timesheet entry.

Partial Day Absence
Partial Day Absence in Hour Increments

To Enter a Partial Day Absence:

  • Log in to HRS.

  • Go to Main Menu > Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt > Payee Data > Maintain Absences > UWS Absences.

  • Enter the desired search criteria (such as Group ID, Department, Empl ID, etc) for the employee for which you want to enter a Partial Day absence and click the Get Employees button.


  • Select the desired employee by clicking the Select check box next to their name.  Once the employee is selected, click the Request Absence button to go to the Enter Absence Events page.


  • If there isn't a blank row already listed, you will need to add one by clicking the Add Row button (16847-add_row_button.png).

  • It is recommended to enter each absence one row at a time. Start by entering the start date of the absence in the Event From Date field and the end date in the Thru Date field. You can enter the dates in the format MM/DD/YYYY or you can click the calendar icon (16847-calendar_icon.png) and select the desired date from the pop-up calendar.


  • Select the appropriate absence type from the Absence Take drop down menu.


  • Enter the number of leave hours for the day in the Partial Hours field.


  • Click the OK button to successfully complete the absence entry process.

To enter a Partial Day Absence in Hour Increments:

When Legacy absence data was converted to HRS, many employees had absence balances that came over in increments of tenths of an hour. To enter an absence with an increment and bypass the automatic absence hour rounding, the process is slightly different. To begin, you will use the Absence Event page.
  • Go to Main Menu > Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt > Payee Data > Maintain Absences > Absence Event.

Absence Event page.png

  • Enter the type of absence, such as vacation, personal holiday etc., the date the absence will occur, and hour amount. As shown above, the employee is taking 6.1 hours of personal holiday on May 16. Click the Details hyperlink to continue the process of recording the absence hours in increments.

Absence Detail.png

  • Enter the amount of absence hours in the Decimal 2 field. By inputting the absence here, HRS will accept and not round the absence.
  • Click the OK button to save the entry. With the next Time Administration, the employee will have 6.1 hours applied.
For more detailed information about absence entry in hour increments, visit AM - Overriding Absence Take Rounding -quarter hour or the 4 or 8 hour rule for FA/AS/LI (Unclassified) .

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