TL - Change Length of Lunch using Rule Element 2 (Employee)

This document explains how to enter lunch using Rule Element 2 in the timesheet.

Before using this guide, an employee should know the following:

  • Campus login ID and password for My UW System Portal
To enter lunch as an employee using Rule Element 2

  1. To access or review the timesheet, refer to TL - Accessing a Timesheet (Employee & Manager)

  2. You will be taken to the Timesheet page.  Your scheduled hours should appear in the first IN and second OUT fields for the days you work.  The amount of time in the Punch Total column will appear to be over the amount of Regular Hours you work in a day.  That discrepancy, .75 hours (45 minutes) in this example, is the length of your lunch.

  3. If you would like to change the length of your lunch for that day, scroll over until you reach the Rule Element 2 column and click on the Look Up tool (Look Up Tool icon) for the day you want to change the length of your lunch.
    Rule Element 2 Field with the Lookup tool highlighted for one day in a Punch Posiive timesheet

  4. You will be taken to the Look Up Rule Element 2 page.  Click on the link for the appropriate lunch length from the list of options.
  5. Lookup Rule Element 2 Search Results

    Note:  DO NOT enter the different length of lunch in the middle OUT and IN boxes.  If you do this, the .75 (45 minute) auto-lunch will be deducted once from each set of IN and OUT punches, for a total of twice from your regular hours.  For example, if you took a shorter lunch on 2/15 and entered 12:00pm - 12:30pm in the middle OUT and IN boxes, HRS would deduct .75 hours from the first set of punches (7:45AM - 12:00PM) AND from the second set of punches (12:30PM - 4:30PM), for a total of 1.5 hours deducted. 

  6. Click the Submit button after changing the length of your automatically deducted lunch.
  7. Bottom of the Timesheet page with the Submit button pointed out

    NOTE: If your regularly deducted lunch is always .75 hours (45 minutes) or any other length, it will always display as such on the timesheet.  After the Time Administration process runs, Regular Hours worked will be separated from lunches and will be displayed only in the Summary of Hours link below the timesheet.

    *For more information on this concept, please see Knowledge Base User Procedure TL - Lunch Punch .

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