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The UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences offers Farm and Industry Short Course, the one- or two-year short course program to high school graduates interested in farming or one of Wisconsin’s many other agricultural industries. The program is available in the Fall (Nov.-Dec.), Winter (early Jan.-late Jan), and Spring. 

Whether you are interested in operating your own farm, running an agricultural business, or gaining employment in the agribusiness sector, the Farm and Industry Short Course program might be a wise alternative to a four-year college degree program.

The Farm and Industry Short Course is a 16-week educational program uniquely designed to prepare students for exciting careers in agriculture. You can choose from over 35 courses in the areas of soils, crops, dairy, meat animals, agricultural engineering, farm business planning, agribusiness, human relations, and communications. You do not need to specialize or major in any particular area and can choose those courses that are of greatest interest and value to you.  If you wish to focus on a specific topic, six specialty certificates are offered. 

Upon graduating, up to 15 Short Course credits may be transferred toward a four-year degree in CALS.

Two well-equipped residence halls are available for Short Course students. The halls provide a comfortable home for students while on campus and a convenient location close to classes and other necessities.

Six specialty certificates are available which include, crops and soils management, dairy farm management, farm mechanics, farm service and supply, meat animals, and pasture-based dairy/livestock.