TL - Timesheet Time Format


This procedure explains how to enter times in the punch timesheet. The user may utilize 24-hour clock format, sometimes referred to as "military time," or standard clock format.


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Time Format

Hours, minutes, and seconds may be entered in one of two ways: using the 24-hour clock or standard clock.

24 Hour Clock

1. Using the 24-hour clock, enter 0745 and time will display as 7:45:00AM after clicking Enter or after selecting Submit. 1630 will display as 4:30:00PM.

Standard Clock

1. You may also enter time using standard time formats.

2. Hours may be entered as 8a, 8am, 8A, or 8AM. After clicking Enter or Submit, the time will display as 8:00:00AM.

3. If minutes and seconds are included, hours/minutes/seconds may be entered in the following formats:

  • 8:15a Before and After Clicking Enter or Submit

  • 815.30a Before and After Clicking Enter or Submit


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