TL - Timesheet Shift Spanning Two Days


This procedure outlines steps for entering time which spans two days. If an employee's default work schedule does not include the shift which spans across two days, changes must be made in the timesheet to reflect the shift.

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To perform this procedure, please follow these steps:

  1. If the employee's shift spans two days (starting on one day and crossing over midnight to another day) and if the shift is not part of the assigned schedule, it will be necessary to add rows to enter the shift times. For example, an employee is asked to work an additional night shift on Tuesday, but the default schedule is a day schedule.

    Timesheet Before Changes for Second Shift

  2. Click the '+' button to the far right of the timesheet to add a new row for 1/24.

    A New Row is Added for 01/24/2017

  3. Add the start time for the second shift.

  4. If the second shift ends before midnight, enter the Out time in the far right Out punch.

  5. If the second shift ends after midnight but does not take the place of the Wednesday shift, scroll to the far right to add a row for Wednesday 01/25/2017

  6. Enter the Out punch for the second shift in the far right Out field on the new row. After clicking Submit, the Tuesday time will be sorted to show the row with the 2:00AM Out punch above the regular Wednesday shift row.

    Time entered on new row and before being submitted

    Time Entered on New Row After Being Submitted

  7. If the second shift takes the place of the scheduled shift on Wednesday, remove the Wednesday scheduled hours.
  8.  If a meal break is taken during the extra shift, enter lunch punches accordingly.

    Second Shift Out Punch on Wednesday Morning, With Lunch Punches Included

  9. Since the second shift Out punch is earlier than the normal shift start of 7:45AM, it is necessary to indicate the normal Wednesday shift was not worked.
  10. Click '+' to add a row for Tuesday, 01/25/2017

  11. In the Quantity field on the new row for Wednesday, 01/25/2017, enter 0.00 hours.


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