Scholarships@UW-Madison - Recommender Help and FAQ

FAQs for recommenders submitting recommendations through Scholarships@UW-Madison.

What internet browsers do you support?

We recommend using the latest version of either Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. We cannot currently guarantee success with Safari or Opera

I'm having trouble uploading a recommendation.  What do I do?

We recommend saving your recommendation as a PDF file before uploading.  PDF files successfully upload more consistently than Word files.

I got an error message. What does it mean?

Here are some common errors and corresponding advice: 

How do I submit a recommendation?

When your student chooses you as a potential recommender, you will be sent an email with a request for a recommendation.  To begin a recommendation, click 'Visit the Recommendation site', respond to the recommender questions, upload recommendation documents, and then click 'Certify and Submit.'

What if I accidentally decline a recommendation?

If you accidentally decline a recommendation, contact the student and have them send you another request email.

How do I save my progress to return to the recommendation at a later time?

To save your progress before the recommendation is complete, click the 'Save Responses' button at the bottom of the recommendation page.  You may access the recommendation page again by clicking the link in the request email sent to you by the student.

What if I can't submit the recommendation electronically?

Sorry, but we can only accept recommendation submissions via this system.

Who can I contact for more help?

If you are having technical difficulties, please contact the Help Desk at (608) 264-4357(HELP).  For other assistance, you may respond to the email sent by your requesting student.