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Add a new person to HRS as a Student Help - employee. Prior to adding a Person to the system, you must first verify that they don't already exist in EPM and/or HRS to avoid duplication of Employee ID (Empl ID) numbers. Please refer to KB 17264 and KB 15608 for further information on how to complete this search. If the search match results indicates that the individual is a "rehire" additional steps may be necessary to modify Personal Information, etc.

Procedure At-A-Glance
Category: HRS HR - Student Help - Add a Person
Audience: This procedure is for UW staff who will create Student Worker person data and/or job data
Overarching Process: HR_2.01 Add a Person
Navigation: Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Add a Person - Student Help
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General Description

This process should only be used for the purposes of adding a new person in order to hire a Student Worker. This user procedure will detail using Add a Person - Student Help.
Process Inputs:

Process Inputs

  • New Student Help Employee forms
  • Glacier Interface (if applicable)
  • IAA/IAM Person Hub

Process Outputs

Student Worker hired:

  • Staff Directory
  • IAA/IAM Person Hub data feed
  • Provisioning
  • Payroll Event - after hire and hours entered
  • W-2s

Process Considerations

  • The search of EPM and conducting a search in HRS will prevent the duplicating of employee IDs. It is assumed that these searches are run and no record is found before adding a person record.

    The primary name must match the name paired with the social security number on file with the SSA.


  • Recently terminated, within 5 years of the final conversion date, employees will have a person record and POI status of "Term-Employee Conversion only" within HRS. This will make the search-match process critical to prevent duplicate empl ids.

Procedure Steps

1.  Navigate to Add a Person (Workforce Administration>Personal Information>Add a Person - Student Help). "NEW" appears in the Person ID field.

  Add a person

2.  If a Person ID was found in EPM but is not in HRS, then enter the Legacy Person ID as the Person ID. Using this number, change "NEW" in the Person ID field to the Legacy Person ID. The HRS system will assign that number as the Employee ID. This must be an 8 digit number in the format of '00123456'.

             Add a person

3.  Click "Add the Person"

             Add a person  

4.  In the "Name" section, effective date is either the current date or the start date of the job, whichever is earlier. Click "Add Name". Enter the applicable information. Use all caps when entering the name to provide naming consistency and improved search capabilities for student help. All caps also reduce the cost of postage and mailing.

biographical details

5.  Click "Refresh Name", and click "Ok".

Add Name

  •     If the person's name is single name (e.g. Cher), use the following approach: Enter the single name into the last name field. Enter a period "." in the first name field.
  •     If the person has both a primary (legal) name and preferred name, enter the preferred name using the Additional Name page. See step 35 below.
  •     If the person knows s/he will be changing her/his primary name in the future (e.g., due to marriage), add an effective-dated row on the Biographical Details page rather than the Additional Name page.

Biographical Details Tab

6.  In the Biographic Information enter the effective date, which is either the current date or the start date, whichever is earlier.

7.  In the Biographical History section, the field "Gender" is the only one that will be used. Options in the Gender field are Female, Male, Other, or Unknown.
    Biographical details

8.  In the National ID section, enter the appropriate National ID Type and associated number:

  • If the employee has a SSN, enter National ID Type of "Social Security Number" and associated number. Check the "Primary ID" box.
  • Employees who are international students receiving a stipend are not eligible for a SSN, so they must use an Individual Tax ID Number If an employee who meets this definition currently has an ITIN, then let National ID Type default to SSN and save the record. The National ID number will default to XXX-XX-XXXX. Next, add a new row and enter National ID Type of "Individual Tax ID Number" and associated number. Check the "Primary ID" box associated with "Individual Tax ID Number."
  • If the employee does not have a social security number, leave it blank. After you have added the person (thus, creating an Employee ID:
    • Navigate back to Modify a Person
    • Add a National ID type of  “UW Reporting ID”
    • Enter “0 + Employee ID” in the field  and save the entry
  • For a foreign national working outside of the USA, leave the National ID Type blank and let it default to XXX-XX-XXXX. Check the appropriate box on the "UW Custom Tab".
Contact information Tab

9.  In the Current Addresses section, click "Add Address Detail" and enter home/tax address. *The Home Address Type is used on the W2 tax form.
10.  "Release Home Information" will be unchecked. Check the box if the employee elects to release this information. (Do not use the field called "Waive Data Protection" located on the previous tab.)
    Add Address

11.  The country defaults to USA. You may select another country if the employee's home address is outside the USA.
   Add Address
12.  Enter the Address as shown below. The address cleansing software will automatically populate the county and zip code. If the street address is not valid, a list of possible valid addresses will show below in blue. Enter the correct street address. Do not click override address verification.
  • For a foreign address, select the country and click "Add Address". The entry screen will be formatted to the country's address fields. Check the "Address Override" button to avoid the address cleansing error (use for foreign address only).
    Edit Address

13.  Add an additional row and enter other applicable addresses (e.g., business address)
    Add additional address

14.  Click '+' and select an Address Type of Business.
    Business Address

15.  Click on Add Address Detail, Click add Address.
    business address
16.  Select the UW Institution where the employee is working.
    buisiness address
17.  Click on the Location Look up and select a location code. Use the description field if you do not have the code. Click on the location, return to the Edit Address page. The Location address defaults to the left of the screen.
   look up location
18.  Add a Room # or Mail Drop ID as required. Click OK. Click ok on the Address History Page.
   business address
19.  Enter all applicable phone and e-mail information.
20.  For a foreign-national employee, an e-mail address (Business Other) must be entered as soon as possible so that Glacier third-party software can contact them to determine substantial presence and evaluate applicable tax treaties.
21.  If the user enters a value for e-mail address type "Business", it will be overwritten by the IAM interface and replaced with the appropriate campus specific email address (the business email becomes primary).
Regional Tab
22.  For the Ethnic Group:
a. If the employee checks "yes" for the question "Is your ethnicity Hispanic/Latino?", then click the magnifying glass and select "HISPA". 
b. If the employee checks "no" for the question "Is your ethnicity Hispanic/Latino?", then click the magnifying glass and select the value for the race selected on the form.

c.  If the question is not answered and no race is checked, select "NSPEC" for Not Specified.

d.  If more than one race is checked:
a.  Click the plus sign to add an additional row. 
b.  Select the appropriate code.
c.  Repeat a-b to add as many additional rows as needed.
d.  Click the View All to see all rows at one time if desired.  This can be a good way to see that all races have been entered.
e.  Do not click the Primary check box.  This is not being used by UW.

23.  No other fields on this page are to be used except the Veteran section. Refer to KB 16785 for details.23.  Click the appropriate value from the list.
    Ethnic Group

UW Personal Tab
24.  You will leave the Adjusted Continuous Service Date field blank as it’s not used for student help.
    adjusted continious service date

25.  Under the UW Additional Fields verify or update the effective date.
    UW Personal Tab

26.  For a foreign national working outside of the USA, click the box.
27.  For a foreign national working inside the USA, who has applied for an ITIN or SSN#, click the box.
  •  A foreign national working outside of the USA (and a foreign-national employee who has not yet arrived in the USA to begin work) will have a foreign address as a home/tax address.
    foreign national

28.  Enter the appropriate information in the Selective Service
29.  The University of Wisconsin is required to verify that certain groups of Selective Service-eligible new hire employees are registered prior to hiring. If an employee meets the criteria that requires them to be verified as registered with Selective Service, the UW cannot complete the Hire process until the new employee registers or specifies a valid reason for not registering. Currently males between the age of 18 to 25 should register for selective service.
  •    On the UW Personal tab the default value on the selective service section for "Registered" is N/A, the default "Reason" is Not Indicated, and the Signature Date is Blank.
  •    If the employee meets the selective service criteria and has indicated on the employment forms that he is registered, then select Yes and enter the signature date.
  •    If the employee is not registered, select "No" and a valid reason must be chose.
  •    Note: The gender in this section must match the gender selected in the Biographical Details section, otherwise an error will be triggered when saving the information.
       Selective Service
30.  Enter data into the Disabled and Veterans sections per KB 16785, if applicable.
Organizational Relationships Tab
31.  Check the "Employee" box and click "Add the Relationship".
    Add relationsihp

32.  Read and correct any error messages that appear. Search Match automatically runs to identify potential duplicates. If there is a match cancel the transaction. If no match is found click return to continue.
    Search Results

33.  When you click on Return you will get this message. Click ok if you want to proceed, or cancel to stop.

34.  The system automatically navigates to the pages where job data is entered. Continue with business process: 16800. Or Save record and perform 17477 at a later time.
  • Be sure to note the new employee ID number

Add a "Preferred" Name

  1. Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Biographical > Additional Names
  2. Enter EmplID (or search by Name).
  3. Select EmplID from search results.
  4. Click the + to add a row.
  5. Select Type of Name from drop down, select Preferred.
  6. Click on the Add Name Hyperlink.
  7. Click Edit Name.
  8. Enter the Preferred Name into the Edit Name Page.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Save.

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