TL - Compensatory Time Payout

This procedure provides steps to process an employee's compensatory time or compensatory time carryover payout.

Procedure At-a-Glance

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General Description

This procedure provides steps to process an employee's current year compensatory time payout or compensatory time carryover payout. Comp time payout is done through the timesheet.

Comp Time Policy

Procedure Steps

To perform this procedure, please follow these steps
  1. Determine whether the employee has Compensatory Time balance. The balance that is seen in Time and Labor stores only one balance which includes current year and previous year. To confirm the amount to use for payout, the amount of comp time carryover balance from Absence Management should be used for the payout. To check an employee's Comp Time balance, navigate to Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt > Payee Data > Review Absence Balances.


  2. Click on Review Absence Balances. You are taken to the Review Absence Balances page.


  3. Enter the employee ID (EmplID) or Last Name/First Name.
  4. Click Search. The employee is returned. Click the EmplID or name hyperlink to go to the balance page.

    Review Absence Balances

  5. You are taken to the balance page. Click View All to see all leave balance information. Entitlement Element UWS_C_CT will show current year comp time balance. UWS_C_CTC will show previous year comp time balance. Use this amount for comp time payout. Note this amount to be used in step 12.

  6. Return to the Main Menu.
  7. Navigate to the timesheet Manager Self Service > Time Management > Report Time > Timesheet.
  8. Enter the employee's employee ID (EmplID) or Last Name/First Name. Click Get Employees. Click the employee's name hyperlink in the Employee table.

    View Timesheet

  9. You are taken to the timesheet. Scroll to the far right of the timesheet and click the '+' button to add a new row.
  10. From the Time Reporting Code drop-down list, choose TRC CTPAY.
  11. Enter the Comp Time balance from the earlier steps in the Quantity field.  This can include increments other than .25 hours.

    Example of Comp Time payout in punch timesheet:
    Punch Timesheet CT Payout

    Example of Comp Time payout in elapsed timesheet  -  (CT balance hours can be entered on a non-work day since there is no Quantity field)

  12. Elapsed Timesheet - CT Payout

  13. After all time is entered, click Submit to save the time entry.
  14. This completes the steps for this procedure.

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