PY - Maintaining an Employee's Foreign National Information

Identifying a foreign national to maintaining their tax data in Glacier and HRS.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: Payroll Process of Foreign National
Audience: UW-Payroll Service Center, Campus Payroll and Benefits Coordinator
Overarching Process: PY-6.04
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General Description:

A foreign national is an individual who is a resident of a country other than the U.S. If a foreign national will be paid by the UW payroll system and will be located in the U.S., then they must have a visa issued by the U.S. All foreign nationals with a visa type and paid position in PeopleSoft HRS should have a Glacier account. Glacier is a third party software program owned by Arctic International. Glacier will house the foreign national's personal data including current and historical U.S. visit and immigration information, tax filing status, and tax treaty eligibility. Glacier will also be used to generate and distribute tax reporting Forms 1042-S.  Nonresident aliens required to file a federal income tax return will be able to use Glacier Tax Prep, through their regular Glacier account, to prepare federal tax Form 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ and Form 8843.  It is imperative that all foreign nationals paid through UW payroll have a valid email address in HRS, as this is the means by which they will be notified of their Glacier account and corresponding obligations.

Process Inputs

Interface of Glacier File/Report 14 – Foreign National Demographic Data
Interface of Glacier File/Report 3 – Tax Treaty Eligibility Information

The UW will download these two files/reports from Glacier, then upload them into HRS.  This interface will occur before the paysheets are created, usually on corresponding Fridays.  The interface will update personal, job, and federal and state tax data/settings in HRS.

Process Outputs:

Interface of Glacier File 21 – A custom HRS file has been created to identify individuals in need of a Glacier account. An individual should appear on File 21 when they first receive a visa type in their HRS record.  If they also hold an active paid position, they will receive a new Glacier account during the next new hire interface (occurs twice weekly).  If the individual has a current email address listed in their HRS record at the time, they will receive an email notifying them of the new Glacier account and providing them with data entry instructions.  

Interface of Glacier File 22 – A custom HRS file has been created to upload into Glacier. This file will include all demographic changes for a foreign national including SSN or ITINs. (This interface is not being utilized as of spring 2014).

Interface of Glacier File 32 – A custom HRS file has been created to upload financial data into Glacier. This file will include financial data needed for the annual creation of the 1042-S forms.  (As of spring 2014, this file is being uploaded annually).

Process Considerations:

To begin the process, you must process the Import program, without any files. This should be a one time only start up process. The reason for this is because Glacier will be considered the source of record. Within four hours the first export process must be run to create Files 21 and 22. These files will be created within the same process. During the on-going process, we will still have the four hour limit or else you will need to start over with the import process again, in order to create the Files 21 and 22.

Exceptions (including first-year considerations):

Only two exceptions for initial setup only. First is that File 14 & 3 process must be processed first, without any file input. You must upload blank files for 3 and 14 to the Inbound File Upload component for the process to work in the Payroll for North America>Payroll Processing USA>UW Glacier Interfaces>Import Glacier Data. Secondly is that when File 21 is created, the UWSC will only submit basic information to initiate Glacier (File 11 data). It was recommended by the owner of Arctic International to only load the basic information to start the record in Glacier and the UWSC agreed to the thought that an employee would be more upset with trying to figure out what is in Glacier versus having to start from the beginning to enter all visits to the USA. This will only happen with the initial setup process.

Procedure Steps

To perform this procedure, please follow these steps:

  1. Determine if the individual is a foreign national. A foreign national is an individual who is resident of a country other than the U.S.
  2. Validate that an email address has been entered for the foreign national. If not, must get one and enter it on the Workforce Administration/Personal Information/Modify a Person component, Contact Information tab. For further directions on completing these pages use HR - Maintain Employee Data - Contact Information.

    1. Go to the Person Information Search page to find the correct foreign national. Verify date of birth and address information to make sure you have the correct individual.


    2. Go to the Contact Information Tab to validate that an email address has been entered. This must be entered using a method that will not be overwritten by any daily/overnight processes.


  3. Enter the foreign national's visa type on the Workforce Administration/Personal Information/Citizenship/Identification Data page, on the Visa/Permit tab in the 'Type' field. If the Visa Type is unknown, enter 'FNL' as the type.  This is not a valid INS visa type, but it will get the individual into Glacier so that they can provide details about their visa status. For further instructions on completing this page use HR - Add Visa Data (Cross reference to International Tax).

    1. Go to HRS Identification Data Search Page and enter person data to find the appropriate foreign national. Be careful of duplicate names and verify date of birth and address information to make certain you have the right person.


    2. If more than one person is returned on search, select correct foreign national and enter the Country on the Citizen/Passport page by selecting the Lookup icon, both in the Citizenship/Passport section and the Passport Information section.


    3. Go to Visa/Permit Tab and enter data.


  4. This is will trigger the creation of a Glacier account if the individual also holds an active paid position in HRS (File 21/File 11 upload).  As part of the process, an email will be sent by Glacier ( and the Service Center ( to the foreign national.  The emails will contain instructions for account completion and report, form, and document delivery. 

  5. There is a modified table built in HRS to identify the Responsible Administrators for each campus. This table can be modified by the UW Service Center. Changes can be made if duties change from one Responsible Administrator to another. Campuses can decide to split Responsible Administrator duties by Empl Class or alpha split.

    This is located at: Payroll for North America/Payroll Processing USA/UW Glacier Interfaces/Campus Payroll Administrator. Click on Search.


    1. The next search page is viewed. Select Business Unit and click on Search.


    2. The next search page is viewed. Select appropriate row that needs changing.


    3. The Data may now be changed by entering the appropriate information for the new Responsible Administrator.


    4. Save information. 

  6. When the foreign national receives the initial emails about their Glacier account requirement,  they will be instructed to enter all their immigration information into Glacier, then print, sign and deliver a copy of their Glacier-generated Tax Summary Report, any tax treaty forms, and all immigration documents listed on the report, to the Glacier Responsible Administrator at their campus. The Tax Summary Report is an affidavit that all information the individual entered into Glacier is accurate.

The Glacier Responsible Administrator will receive and review the Glacier Tax Summary Report, and all forms and documents listed on the report.  They will be responsible for reviewing the Glacier account entry and submitted forms and documents.   

To log into Glacier, go to the Arctic International website at and click on "client login".


  1. Enter User ID and Password and click on submit.


  2. Click on Access GLACIER Now.


  3. Click on Review/Update Individual/Entity Record(s) and review the Glacier Individual Record Summary, Transaction History, and submitted materials for accuracy and contact employee if there are questions or Glacier account revisions are needed. The administrator should have the employee update Glacier, if possible.  But if necessary, the Responsible Administrator can update the individual's Glacier account, but should get a newly signed Tax Summary Report, if the update changes the tax outcome.

     7. The campus Glacier administrator will review the foreign national's data entry and immigration documents. If accurate and acceptable, the administrator will enter settings in Glacier and HRS to ensure the proper tax withholding. The Responsible Administrator will send some forms to the Service Center for forwarding to the IRS and archive other documents at their campus. 

Note: if it is found that Glacier – related changes are required, it is critical that those changes are made both within Glacier and HRS PeopleSoft.  Glacier is the source of record. If changes are made to HRS/PeopleSoft but not Glacier, the HRS changes will be over-written during the next Glacier interface.



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