Navigating the Application SmartForm

Navigating the Application SmartForm

How can I move forward through the pages of the application?

To move to the next page of any application, click on the Continue button towards the upper right-hand corner of the application.


Will ARROW save my work as I move through the application?

Each time you click the Continue button, work on that page is saved. However, if you click Back, your work will NOT be saved automatically. You can save your work at any time by clicking on the Save link in the pale blue bar towards the top of the application.


How can I move to different sections of the application?

You can move to different sections of the application using the Jump To menu, which is located in the pale blue bar towards the top of the application.The Jump To displays a list of the sections and pages of the application. To go to a particular section or page, click on that link in the Jump To menu.


Will the Jump To menu show me which pages I have completed?

No. The Jump To menu will show which pages or sections of the form need to be completed, but does not track your progress. To see which sections of the application have been completed, use the View SmartForm Progress button in the study workspace. You must exit or finish the application to access the study workspace and the View SmartForm button. When you click on the Form Progress activity, a pop-up window will appear with all the sections of the application and your progress in each.

FormProgress.JPG ProgressReport.JPG

How do I check for errors?

You can check for errors in the application by selecting Hide/Show Errors from the menu bar.  The errors appear at the bottom of the screen, and have a link to jump to the appropriate section.  You cannot submit an application if there are errors in it.


How can I move back to previous pages in the application?

The best way to go back to pages earlier in the application is to use the Jump To menu. Due to limitations with ARROW’s software, you may see error messages if you use the back button in your web browser. Please use the Jump To menu instead and do NOT use your browser’s back button.


How do I exit the application?

To exit the application, click the Exit link in the pale blue bar towards the top of the application. If you have not already saved your work, the system will prompt you to save before the application is exited.


How do I submit an application to the IRB?

To submit an application, you must click on the Submit activity link located on the left hand side of the study workspace. Clicking Exit or Finish will NOT submit an application to the IRB. You must exit or finish the application to access the study workspace and the Submit link.


Tips on Navigating the Application

  • Use the Jump To menu to navigate to different sections of the form.
  • To submit an application, click the Submit link in the study workspace.

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