FN - Funding and Direct Retro Security by campus

Direct Retro security configuration for all campuses

This user procedure will cover the security that is in place in the new HRS system to add and update funding on the Budget Funding Data Entry page as well as security to create Direct Retro's.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: Security
Audience: Campus.
Overarching Process: Create Direct Retro, Add/Update Funding 
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Security Roles - Funding Entry
UW_UNV_FI_FUNDING_VIEW  -  Campus User Funding View Only
  • FI Campus user view only, access of customized Funding Data Entry Page for their campus.  The funding pages show funding distributions for employee/job for set effective dates.

UW_UNV_FI_FUNDING_ALL_UPD  -  Campus Funding - All Campuses

  • FI Campus user acces to enter funding for more than one business unit.  In EXTREME cases, there is funding which crosses business untis.  This access will be limited to a few individuals and will need approval of the HRS Finance Team and Campus Leaders

UW_SSC_FI_FUNDING_DLVRD_UPD  -  Campus Funding Delivered Pages

  • FI Service Center user access to enter funding on the delivered pages for instances where funding for fringes does not necessarily follow funding for salaries.  In the extreme situations where fringes do not follow salary, this security role was created so these types of situations could  be handled.  Security needs to be approved by the HRS Finance Team and limited to an individual from the Service Center.

UW_FI_FUNDING_ONE_UPD  -  Campus Funding One BU

  • FI Campus user access to enter funding for their Business Unit.  The role provides access to the custom Budget Funding Data Entry page to enter/update funding for employee/job for user's campus only.

Security Roles - Direct Retro

UW_UNV_FI_DIR_RTRO_VIEW  -  Campus Direct Retro View only

  • FI Campus user access to view salary funding distribution (Direct Retro) changes for employee/job/payroll period for their campus for payrolls originating in HRS.

UW_UNV_FI_DIR_RTRO_APPR_UPD  -  Campus Direct Retro Approver

  • FI Campus direct retro approver access includes the ability to approve direct retros and prepare them (set status to Ready for Batch Processing) to process through to SFS Financials.

UW_UNV_FI_DIR_RTRO_ENTRY_UPD  -  Campus User Direct Retro Entry

  • FI Campus user access to enter a direct retro (SCT).  This access allows a user to enter a direct retro into the HRS system. 

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