Listing Study Team Members in the Application

Listing the Principal Investigator

Listing Points of Contact

Listing Study Team Members

Except for the PI and points of contact, all study team members affiliated with UW-Madison, UW Health, or the Madison VA who are engaged in human subjects research must be listed on the Study Team page of the application. Apart from the PI and POC, all other study team members default to having read-only access to the application and do not receive email notifications. To grant a study team member edit access, please use the Grant Edit Access activity in the study workspace.

Who can submit materials to the IRB through ARROW?

Only people listed as the PI and POC can submit materials to the IRB through ARROW.

Do study team members outside UW-Madison/UW Health/Madison VA (i.e., external personnel) need to be listed in the application?

Whether external personnel need to be listed in the application and how depends on whether UW-Madison is serving as their IRB of record. Please contact the Health Sciences IRBs Reliance Team ( for help with questions regarding external personnel.

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