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This procedure describes how to increase someone's pay retroactively, which will change all subsequent entries to the proper amount.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: HRS HR Maintain Job Data.
Audience: HR Service Center Professionals & HR Campus Professionals for information.
Overarching Process: Maintain Workforce.
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General Description:

To update an individual's pay rate due to reclassification or pay plan with retroactive implementation dates, correction of rate error on historical rows that need to cascade to any existing or future dated rows.

Process Inputs:

  • A University Staff (Classified) Pay Plan update (HRS-314) and/or Faculty/Academic Staff/Limited Appointment FA/AS/LI (Unclassified) Merit (HRS-36)

Process Outputs:

  • Pay rate adjusted and updated
  • Retro pay, if applicable, runs and processes either a negative or positive gross adjustment.

Process Considerations:

Ripple will not go past the termination date of an individual. Be sure that individuals in question are receiving monetary compensation. If a person is rehired into the same position the default compensation must be updated and the rate verified prior to saving the rehire row.

Exceptions (including first-year considerations):

For retroactive increases or decreases that are entered into HRS retroactive to the first payroll calcs additional pay (either negative or positive) will need to be done to ensure that payments to individuals have been corrected. Retroactive payrolls will not update legacy data.

Procedure Steps

To perform this procedure, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data
  2. Enter the EmplID for the employee, or search by Name, Last Name

  3. Select the employee from the search results

    Correct History button located in the far bottom right hand corner of the page

  4. Go to the correct entry for the date you need to enter. The correct entry will be the entry that has the date closest to the date you need to enter, but is earlier then the date you need to enter

    For example you have to correct the pay rate of someone starting on 5/24/2011 their profile has two entries one at 6/20/2011 and one 2/10/2011. Even though the June entry is closer to the May entry you must create, June is later in the year so you must navigate to the February entry and then create a new entry from there.

    Effective Date of 2/10/2011 in the Work Location box

  5. Create a new entry

    Click on the Add a New Row (Plus sign) in the upper right of the page

  6. Enter the date

    Blank Effective date field highlighted in the Work Location box

  7. In the drop down menu select "Pay Rate Change"

    Choose Pay Rate Change as the Action Code

  8. In the drop down menu select the Reason for the change

    Choose the appropriate Reason code from the drop down menu. The sample image has Promotion/Progression

  9. Click on the Compensation tab

    Compensation tab in the upper right hand side of the screen

  10. Navigate to the Changes tab under Pay Components

    Changes tab located within the Pay Components box

  11. Make the appropriate change to the Pay Rate

    Adjust the Change Amount to the correct value

  12. Click the Calculate Compensation button

    Click the Calculate Compensation button located beneath the rate code

  13. Click the Save button

    Save button located in the bottom left of the screen

  14. Click OK when prompted

    Warning message stating that a row has been inserted as a result of a pay rate change update

    If done correctly you should have a new entry for every entry that is dated after the one you created to fix the pay rate. The entries the system makes will have an action reason "Ripple".

    Work Location tab with an Action code of Pay Rate Change and a Reason code of Ripple

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