UWMSN - JEMS - On Demand Upload Process

This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to upload JEMS data into HRS.

  • This document applies only to UW-Madison. Users from other campuses should refer to documentation intended for their campuses.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: Batch Processes
Audience: JEMS users
Overarching Process: Transfer data entered into JEMS to HRS
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General Description:

This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to upload JEMS data into HRS.

Process Inputs:

Data entered into JEMS

Process Outputs:

Data copied into HRS

Procedure Steps

To perform this procedure, please follow these steps:

Select Upload Process from Menu

1 Go to Workforce Administration Press arrow for dropdown list
2 Go to UW External HR Systems Press arrow for dropdown list
3 Go to JEMS Press arrow for dropdown list
4 Go to Run Upload Process Press <Run Upload Process>
5 Add a New Value First time user to the Upload Process will need to add a New Value. Click on <Add a New Value> tab. If not a first time user skip to Step 8.
6 Run Control ID Enter a value in field (i.e., UDDS for your division)
7 Add Press <Add> button

Enter parameters for upload process

9 Filter Fields (Optional) Press on dropdown list to filter by division, department or Empl Class to choose a specific group of transactions to process. Leaving fields blank will pull all transactions to process within your security access.
10 Refresh Data Press <Refresh Data> to get an updated list of transactions to upload.
11 Upload Select <Upload All> or individually select transaction to upload by clicking on each transaction.
12 Run Press <Run> button
13 OK Press <OK> button

The following steps are not required:

Optional Steps

14 Process Monitor Press <Process Monitor> button to track when “On Demand” process is complete
15 Refresh Press <Refresh> button until (16) run status indicates “Success” and distribution status is “Posted”. Hire has been pushed to HRS.

To review the transactions you have pushed to HRS

Review the transactions pushed to HRS

17 Path to review staging table log Workforce Administration > UW External HR Systems > JEMS > Review Staging Data and TXLog
18 Find an Existing Value Filter by selecting from dropdown list, entering department UDDS, employee classification, EmplID, name or leave blank and get all for your UDDS authorization
19 Search Press <Search>
20 Search Results Displays your search results and provides information regarding the transactions pushed to HRS.
21 Transaction Status If the status indicates error, click on the Error transaction status to review

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