HR - Position Consolidation

Position consolidation may occur if a campus decides to utilize position management and having multiple incumbents to one position. To accomplish this employees must be transferred from their existing Position (legacy appt id) and "transfer" to a Position with multiple incumbents.

  • This document does not apply to UW-Madison and is intended for users from other UW campuses. UW-Madison users should refer to documentation intended for their campus.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: HRS - Positions Management
Audience: HR Professionals at a Campus or Divisional Level.
Overarching Process: Maintain Position Data 5.01 
Navigation:  Organizational Development>Position Management>Maintain Positions/Budgets
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General Description:

The process of consolidating positions should only be used in instances where having multiple incumbents in one position will have no adverse affect on any future personnel actions.  In HRS, if a position is likely to incur a partial leave of absence, FTE change, title change then multiple incumbents in that position may not be appropriate as changing the FTE (or other aforementioned action) on position will update all incumbent job records.   Some positions that may be more appropriate to having multiple incumbents may include Graduate Assistants or other positions where limited HR changes occur. 

Process Inputs

New Position
Employees with similar duties
Funding at a Position level

Process Outputs:

Report on jobs affiliated by position

Process Considerations:

At go live, there will be a one to one relationship between positions and jobs in HRS.  After go live, Student Hourly, University Staff Temporary Employment (Classified LTE) and OT employees will not be required to have positions.  All other empl classes will require positions.

Exceptions (including first-year considerations):

After go live, campuses may choose to move towards Position Management by creating new positions and transferring incumbents from the converted positions to the new position with multiple incumbents.  Please refer to the KB on HR - Position Management  for more information. 

Procedure Steps:

  1. Set up a new position through Organizational Development>Position Management>Maintain Positions/Budget>Add/Update Position>Add a new Value.  The key to multiple incumbents is the shared job code, location, paygroup, department, etc  New Position
  2. On the Description Tab, under Salary Plan Information, include the Standard Hours per Week.  Each incumbent will be required to work the same number of hours.    Standard Hours
  3. On the Budget and Incumbents Tab select the number of jobs you will link to this position.     Max Head Count
  4. To move current incumbents from an existing position into one that will have multiple incumbents go to Workforce Administration>Job Information>Job Data and search by empl id.
  5. Add new row by clicking on the "+" and change the Action (a) and Action Reason (b) Codes to "Data Change"  and "Position Consolidation".
  6. Select the new Position Number and tab out of the field.  Ensure updates have cascaded in other fields.  Position Consolidation
  7. Save Record.
  8. Go to Organizational Development>Position Management>Maintain Positions/Budget>Add/Update Position and search for the multiple incumbent position.
  9. Review the Budget and Incumbents tab to view all incumbents for this position.  Verify that the number of incumbents has changed and all moved to the position are listed in "Current Incumbents".View Incumbents

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