HR - Job Code Changes

This procedure outlines the process for changing the Job Code of a Position with an incumbent, verifying the change on Job and entering associated rate change(s).

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: HRS HR Maintain Workforce
Audience: Human Resources Professionals at a Division, Campus or System level.
Overarching Process: Maintain Workforce 3.0
Navigation: Organizational Development>Position Management>Maintain Positions/Budget>Add/Update Position Info
Workforce Administration>Job Information>Job Data
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General Description:

Job Code changes may occur for a variety of reasons including promotion, educational attainment, reallocation or progression within a Job Code series. In order to change Job Codes and pay rates, the changes must begin with Position and then flow to Job. OTs, SHs & LTEs do not require positions so the changes will only be on Job. Mass updates of Job Codes due to survey or contract changes will be loaded to the Job Code table by the UW Service Center.

Process Inputs:

  • Reallocation Notice
  • Reclassification Request
  • Promotions via Budget
  • Job Code Change request
  • Rate change approvals

Process Outputs:

  • Rate Changes
  • Job Code Changes

Process Considerations:

Any Position with multiple incumbents requires that all Jobs associated with that Position will change. If this is not the case, the only incumbent(s) to change should be transferred out of the Position.

Changes to Position will flow to Job, however, to add a rate change a sequenced row must be added on Job. On the Job Data/Compensation Tab, under Pay Components, you can enter either (1) the new Comp Rate on the Amount tab or (2) the incremental Change Amount or Change Percent on the Change tab.

For Faculty promotions that occur during the Budget cycle: A file will be obtained from the Budget office of all Faculty promotions. The rate increases for each faculty being promoted will be loaded automatically but will not include the job code changes. Job Code changes for these faculty will need to be manually entered once the budget is loaded.

For unclassified rate/Job Code changes, per UPG 4, any Job Code or rate increase should be entered into HRS with a future-dated Effective Date whenever possible. For classified rate/Job Code changes, these may be entered with a retroactive rate change if the request cannot be finalized within the first pay period upon receipt.

If the change being made is to a historical row on job, see HR - Corrections Job Aid "Changing a historical row that is controlled by Position Management."

Exceptions (including first-year considerations):

All converted OT, SH and LTE Jobs have Positions, so any Job Code changes that might occur for these Jobs must start on the Position.

Procedure Steps

For changes to Position, find and make note of the Position Number and:

  1. Go to Organizational Development>Position Management>Maintain Positions/Budget>Add/Update Position Info for the specified Position.
  2. Add a Row using the "+" symbol and update the Effective Date.

    Job Code Change on Position Screenshot

  3. Click on the Magnifying Glass to see the Job Code Change Reasons.

    Job Code Change Reason Look Up

  4. Select the appropriate Job Code Change reason.
  5. Go to Job Code and select a new Code from the search feature.
  6. Update the Empl Class and Continuity Status fields.
  7. If necessary, modify the Standard Hours as they will default to 40.00 per work week.
  8. Click Save and the following error will appear.

    FTE Error Message

  9. Click Ok to continue saving the Position change.

Go to Workforce Administration>Job Information>Job Data

  1. Look up the Job Data by Empl ID and Empl Record
  2. Verify that the Effective Dated row from Position is accurate on the Job record. To change the rate on Job, you must add a new Row by clicking the "+" in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Select the appropriate Action/Action Reason equivalent to the Position change Reason, in this example: Pay Rate Change/Change in Duties-Reclass.

    Rate Change on Job Screenprint

  4. Go to the Compensation Tab and select the "Changes" tab under "Pay Components"

    Changes Tab on Pay Components

  5. Add either a Change Amount or Change Percent and click "Calculate Compensation". This will update the "Amounts" tab under Pay Components.
  6. Verify the Pay Components and Compensation appear correctly.

    Compensation Rate

  7. Click Save.

Optional Steps

In the event that a Job Code change warrants more then one incremental rate change or occurs on an effective date with multiple increases, follow these steps to add each increment with the appropriate action/action reason code.

  1. Go to Job Data and follow steps 1–6 above.
  2. After entering the first incremental rate and clicking "Calculate Compensation" return to the Work Location Tab and add a new row (Sequence 2)

    Sequence 2 Rate Change Reason

  3. Go to the Compensation Tab and click on the "Changes" tab under Pay Components. Add the second Change Amount and click Calculate Compensation.
  4. Click Save.

    Sequence 2 Change Amount

For Jobs without Positions

  1. Go to Workforce Administration>Job Information>Job Data and search for the empl record by Empl Id.
  2. From the Work Location Tab click the "+" to add a row.
  3. Add the effective date of the Job Code Change
  4. Select the appropriate Action (a) and Action Reason (b)

    Job Code Change w/o Position

  5. Go to the Job Information Tab and select a new Job Code (c) and re-select the appropriate Empl Class as necessary.

    Job Code Chg on Job Information

  6. Go to the Compensation Tab and update the Change Amount on the Changes tab under Pay Components and click Calculate Compensation.

    Update Compensation

  7. Go to UW Custom and update the Probation Type.
  8. Save Record.

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