HR - Student Template Hire - Save and Submit

Campus Department Representative procedure for submitting Student Help hire using a Student Hire Template.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: Student Template Hire
Audience: HR Administrators with access to use the Student Help Template Hire.
Overarching Process: HRS - HR Student Template Hire.
Navigation: Workforce Administration > Template Based Hire > Template Based Hire
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General Description:

HR Administrators may complete the Student Template Hire for all new Student Help hires. Through this process, they will save and submit the entry. After doing so, the student will be added into HRS along with their student job data.

Process Inputs

  • Student Help Hire Information (i.e., W4, I-9, Direct Deposit, Employee Self-ID and Selective Services)
  • Student Help Hire Forms

Process Outputs:

  • Student Help Created
  • Student Help Hired into Job
  • Payroll Form Processing

Process Considerations:

If it is the practice of the institution to use Save and Submit rather than submitting to HR for approval, then you may use this procedure. Check with your supervisor or the HR department to confirm the method used to hire student help.

See these procedures below for a description of other methods used to hire student help:

If student does not exist:

If student exists:

Exceptions (including first-year considerations):

POI: The Student Template Hire should be used for new employees, not for existing employees. If the student has a Person ID in EPM (but no job data) you may look up the student using the template and select the student from the list.

Foreign National: If the student is a Foreign National, you will need to add a valid email address and Visa Data to trigger a Glacier account. Refer to KB 17118 for this exception.

Procedure Steps:

To perform this procedure, first search for the person in EPM and HRS:

Note: This procedure assumes the student DOES NOT exist. You will add the student through the student hire template. To get there, navigate to:

Workforce Administration > Template-Based Hire > Template-Based Hire

Click the magnifying glass search.png to select the appropriate Template.

Click on Magnifying Glass icon

2. After you have selected a template, click the TemplateHireGO.png button.

Look Up Template

3. Enter an Effective Date for the Job Start Date in the Job Effective Date field.

4. The EmplID search.png can be used to find students that came up in the HRS/EPM search as a POI-Unknown, indicating the student is eligible for a Work Study award. If this is a NEW student help, leave the EmplID field defaulted to NEW.

5. Click the Next button.

Enter Job Start Date

6. Enter hire information into the fields for the Student Template Hire page. The fields with an * are required for this page.

  • Name: Use ALL CAPS when entering the name. This provides naming consistency and improved search capabilities for student help. All caps also reduce the cost of postage and mailing.
  • National ID should be completed. If the student does not have a social security number, leave it blank. HRS will default the number to 999-99-9999. After you have added the person in the template:
    • Navigate to Modify a Person
    • Add a National ID type of "UW Reporting ID"
    • Enter "0 + Employee ID" in the field
  • Birth Date is a required field using a month, day and year format.
  • Enter the Gender of the employee as Male, Female or Unkown (Do not use Other).
  • Ethnic Group provides Workforce Development data for HR and EEO reporting. You will only be able to list one ethnic group. If you do not know the ethnic group, do not guess or assume, leave it blank.
  • If an employee meets the criteria (i.e., male, between 18-25) requiring them to be verified as registered with Selective Service, the University of Wisconsin cannot complete the Hire process until the new employee registers or specifies a valid reason for not registering.
    • If left blank on the template, the UW Personal tab in Job Data defaults the Registered field to “N/A”, the Reason field to “Not Indicated” and the Signature Date field is left blank.
  • Select Release Home Information only if the student wants their personal home information released.
  • The Home Address should be what the student considers their “home” mailing address. It’s important to note that there is no address validator, so ensure this information is accurate.
  • If a phone number is provided, select the appropriate Phone Type and enter in the telephone number.
  • The Citizenship field contains the date the I9 is completed. If unknown at the time of hire in HRS, the field can be updated in Modify a Person when the I9 is completed.
  • For Criminal Background Check, referred to as CBC, defer to your institutional CBC policy for student jobs requiring CBC’s. If a background check is required, the results must be reviewed before entering the student into the system. After the results are reviewed, you will enter the date for the CBC in the Criminal Background Check Date field.
  • In the Work Location – Job Data section, you will reference the source documents to update the:
    • Business Unit
    • Department
    • Location Code
  • If there is an Expected Job End Date you will update this field. Otherwise leave the field blank, indicating there is not Expected Job End Date.
  • In the Compensation field, enter the student hourly rate.
  • For the Working Title, enter the student’s title that they will hold in this job. Using a descriptive title will be helpful, particularly for multiple jobs, to distinguish each job when entering their time.  
    • If no Job Code is entered, it will default to the entered name of the Job Code.
  • The Job Code will be 94870  for student help, with the exception of a few situations. Check with your HR department to confirm the appropriate job code.
  • The Comments field can be used for notes or comments. For example, the Template user could Save for Later, reopen and check the Comments. However, note that the Comments only shows up when using the Send to HR for Completion button.
  • A template user has a few options for proceeding:
    • Click the Send to HR for Completion button. This will place the Student Template information in the Manage Hire page for an HR Administrator to complete. The Further Processing Require page displays, indicating that the Template has been sent to HR for Completion.
    • Click the Save and Submit button. If all the required fields on the template have been completed correctly, this button will assign an EmplID for the Student. HRS HR - Student Template Hire - Submit for HR Approval
7. For this procedure, the Save and Submit button will be clicked.

Enter Employee Information

Enter Employee Information

8. Based upon the information entered into the Student Template, HRS automatically looks for a match using fields such as Name, DOB, National ID, etc. If a match or close match is found, a Person Match Found screen appears.

A Template user will have to review the person information and choose "Select" if the person is a match or "Not a Match-Continue with Hire" if no one is a match. The Person Org Summary hyperlink will open a new browser window and provide additional details about the person.

9. After creating and hiring the student, you will copy their EmplID and review their person data (refer to HR - Maintain Employee Data - Biographical Detailsand job data (refer to HR - Student Help - Maintain Workforce). To get there, navigate to:

Person Data:
Workforce Administration > Person Information > Modify a Person

Job Data:
Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data

Related Policies

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NOTE: If trying to hire an existing employee with an active job, further processing will be required and the record will be sent to HR for completion.

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