Learn@UW/D2L - Unable to Edit Discussion Topic

If no editing controls appear when you go to edit a Discussion topic, the description most likely contains invalid HTML tags. Invalid HTML tags may cause just the tabbed pages to appear for managing the properties, restrictions, and assessments without the HTML editor or other controls.

If the problem occurs, use the following procedure to make the Discussion topic editable:

  1. Turn off the HTML Editor:

    1. Select Account Settings from the drop-down at the right of the minibar.
    2. Select the "Account Settings" tabbed page (if not already there).
    3. Turn off the HTML editor by checking the box by "Turn off rich text editor and view source" under "HTML Editor Settings".
    4. Press the Save button.
  2. In the Discussions tool, select the drop-down by the problematic Discussion topic and select Edit Topic.

  3. In the "Properties", remove or correct the offending HTML code in the "Description" field.

  4. Press the Save button.

  5. Turn the HTML editor back on by repeating step 1 but uncheck the box by "Turn off rich text editor and view source".

You should now be able to edit the Discussion topic.